CRM Update

7 weeks until GO LIVE!

  • The CRM will help us through COVID-19 by providing us with flexibility to help us connect with our students no matter where they are.
  • CRM supports all student interactions to be helpful, relevant, personalised and timely.
  • The first release of the new CRM will go-live for Current Students on the 22 June 2020.


  • Held our first Sponsorship Coalition Meeting with 70+ leaders and managers who will be leading the change with their teams as they take up the new CRM.
  • We have aligned the CRM Behavioural Training with the Customer experience Project to reinforce the behaviours required to deliver a consistent student centered experience.
  • We are on the last sprint of development for Wave 2.

Quick Fact

a sneak peek of the ‘student view’ of submitting a request through the student portal and how that request process is integrated into the CRM

CRM Dashboard report 24 April 2020

Transformation Snippet

What is the transformation?

Academic staff will have access to an outlook plugin that links the CRM to outlook.

Who will this impact?

Academic Staff and Students

How will this efficiency benefit the impacted stakeholders?

Academic staff will be able to work as normal within outlook.   If they have an email from a student, they will be able to click the outlook plugin to see a simplified view of the student contact card. 

If the academic staff member wants more detailed information they can click a button to open the student’s full record. 

This will reduce the time it takes to look up a student in the system as outlook will automatically search for the student record using the students email address. 

When will we see this impact?

At Go-Live!

Why is this a good news story?

Reduce system access. Reduced complexity for staff.

Want to Know More?

You can find out more about the project via the webpage, or by contacting the CRM Project Team.