Are your BJBS students accessing StudyLink preparation subjects?

A New expanded subject offering

Study Link released a re-developed suite of 26 subjects in November 2019. This new suite features shorter subjects with additional engaging reinforcement activities in addition to our usual Subject Coordinator interaction and support. Subjects are generally 14 hours each and aim to fill knowledge gaps, enhance skills and build confidence for tertiary studies. New subjects include: Communications Skills, Critical Thinking, Grammar, Writing Style and a five subject Maths series that prepares students moving into various courses requiring Maths skills. The full subject list and enrolment form can be found at Study Link is free, flexible and fully supported.

Enrolment Increase

Enrolments have increased markedly in 2020 to the second-highest number over the 20 years of the Program i.e. 3,565 enrolments as at 17 April. We hopefully will observe that such an increase in interest in enabling subjects will have a positive flow-on effect on course enrolments.

Online Course Brochures

Thanks to the large number of BJBS staff who identified the Study Link preparation subjects most beneficial for their commencing students, most Online Course Brochures now have these recommendations available to students wishing to up-skill prior to commencement of studies. It is most effective when Schools reinforce these recommendations in any mailouts to new students.

Online Learning resource bank for continuing students

Study Link worked collaboratively with BJBS and TOL staff, DSL, DIT and other DSS staff to produce a reworked version of our ‘Introduction to Learning Online’ (SSS032) subject that is automatically provided to most new student cohorts (10,000+ annually) on acceptance of offer. This new resource bank ‘Introduction to Learning Online’ is specifically created for Continuing Students moving into Online Learning perhaps for the first time, but is also made available to all staff. Those staff members wishing to see which online learning activities are options for changed course delivery can register to view it in the Study Success Tab at the top of all Interact2 sites. Students have been recently informed about it but staff may wish to reinforce the message.

Future Subject Development

Study Link welcomes suggestions for potential subject development in areas that will prepare students for success in their course work.

David Ward

Study Link Program Coordinator

(02) 63657118