Road to Unsymposium 2020

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Looking back…

Let’s hear from last year’s speakers. First up, Charles Vandepeer, Senior Lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies (AGSPS) talks about the benefits of participating. Then, Shibly Abdullah, Lecturer from Study Centre – Sydney, shares his insights.

You can re-read Charles post on student-to-student learning here.

Revisit Shibly’s contribution about making theory delivery fun here.

The roadtrip (metaphorically)

To get started on the road to the Unsymposium, and to get the most out of this experience:

  • Take time to reflect on where you are, right now, in your learning and teaching practice. What do you want to share? What do you want to find out?
  • Speak to an Unsymposium Coordinator about your idea for a post. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this article.

Next steps

Once the blog posts are curated and connections established we will contact you and place you into naturally occurring groups of 4-5 speakers. These groups will then meet to prepare for the Unsymposium sessions in September.

Who to contact:

If you have any questions or you simply want to discuss your ideas for a possible blog post, please reach out to the Unsymposium Coordinators: Bec Acheson ( , Donna Mitchell ( , Charles Vandepeer ( or Kath Herbert ( .

Quick summary

By 30 June 2020: Develop a short, well written post on an engaging topic related to your teaching practice, reflecting on the SOTL. Submit it on iTeach. Remember, people will read your iTeach post before and after the Unsymposium, so we encourage you to add the important details or links to resources you use to make your strategy happen.

Early August: You’ll receive an invitation to meet with your group facilitator and fellow speakers to discuss the ‘big questions’ and how your presentation might help provoke discussion. You’ll be able to ask questions about how the live session will run, and what we’re trying to achieve.

One week before the symposium: Prepare one slide with a 5 minute (max) summary of the main ideas in your post, you’ll need to draw out the big ideas clearly and concisely. This slide needs to be provided to the Unsymposium Coordinators one week before the Symposium.