CRM Project Update

10 weeks until GO LIVE!

Key Messages

  • The CRM will help us through COVID-19 by providing us with flexibility to help us connect with our students no matter where they are
  • The project is ensuring to put the student at the centre of everything we do
  • The CRM is a tool that makes information available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • CRM supports all student interactions to be helpful, relevant, personalised and timely
  • There will be a June and November 2020 release for Current Students
  • Training will be in April/May and October


The CRM Team is werking hard to finish Wave 2 (Student Requests) development to move into UAT:

  • Completed our CRM detailed training plans and draft implementation schedule for go-live
  • Mobilisation of the CRM Sponsorship Coalition and dissemination of an ADKAR survey to check in on A (Awareness) and D (Desire)
  • Develop of end-to-end CRM processes, integrating the student portal

Transformation Snippet

What is the transformation?
CRM Reporting Categories to be simplified and standardised.

Who will this impact?
Most teams.

How will this efficiency benefit the impacted stakeholders?
Most teams have their own set of categories in Talisma for reporting purposes. Standardising on a common set of categories across all team, aligned with the categories used in the structure of KB will provide a more manageable and consistent reporting structure across all teams.

When will we see this impact?
At go-live.

Why is this a good news story?

  • Reduces systems maintenance
  • Increases value of reporting, consistency and visibility across teams
  • Making only the 1st category mandatory saves us picking 3 levels of categories in SC. This takes time every interaction. Too many levels means the data isn’t as reliable and risks too much human error

Want to Know More?

You can find out more about the project via the webpage, or by contacting the CRM Project Team.