CRM Project Update

15 weeks until GO LIVE!

Key Messages

  • The project is ensuring to put the student at the centre of everything we do
  • The CRM is a tool that makes information available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • CRM supports all student interactions to be helpful, relevant, personalised and timely
  • There will be a June and November 2020 release for Current Students
  • Training for staff will be in April/May and October 2020


  • The CRM Project Team are working with partners: Cvent for Events, Timetrade for Appointments and CafeX for Chat to provide extra functionality within the CRM, helping the team to deliver on that great student experience
  • Academic engagement is underway with Kelly Linden presenting across the academic portfolio, building awareness and engagement with academic staff
  • The project team are collaborating with Customer Experience and Brand project teams to ensure that CRM training aligns and that themes are embedded around student experience, values and brand attributes

Transformation Snippet

What is the transformation?
The new CRM will be able to track requests that are approaching and exceeding our turnaround times

Who will this impact?
Students, Faculty Administration, Faculty Academics, DSA and Student Central

How will this efficiency benefit the impacted stakeholders?

  • Simple and easy to prioritise work to meet the agreed turnaround time and follow up outstanding items. 
  • Transparent access to see what items are outside agreed turnaround times
  • Students will see less requests exceeding the agreed turnaround time
  • This may reduce the case management function that Student Central performs to follow-up requests for students that are outside of agreed turnaround time

When will we see this impact?
When requests are being processed and are approaching turnaround times

Why is this a good news story?
More students will receive an outcome within agreed turnaround times and it will be simpler to keep on top of our work items

Want to Know More?

You can find out more about the project via the webpage, or by contacting the CRM Project Team.