What’s happening in WPL in 2020?

Last year WPL faced challenges during the bush fires and this year it looks like the Coronavirus will keep us all watchful. In WPL we are busy monitoring the situation to ensure we don’t put our students at any unnecessary risk during placement. Fortunately at this stage BJBS has no students in risky or clinically based placements. All we have learned from the bush fires means we are well prepared so students and staff should feel confident we can handle the situation effectively and safely.

We have plenty coming up this year in WPL but let’s start the year with a quick look at InPlace. InPlace is our placement software management system. It stores all the information about our students, hosts and the various placements. As you can imagine it is a vital tool and recently a lot of work has been undertaken to create a sleeker and more efficient platform.

So this month we’re going to share some of the behind the scene work. Let’s have a look.


Upgrade – Kirrily Welsh and Di Plunket upgraded the placement software InPlace over Oct-Dec so it is now in line with the current version that the vendor offers which will improve problem solving, functionality and flexibility.

Agency data plan – designed to clean up duplication across faculties in regards to hosts and agencies. During this process time will be taken to check details and correct any errors. This is beneficial not only in terms of accuracy but also vital to track students during emergencies such as the recent bush fires and coronavirus outbreak.

Cost management module – this function is being activated in the InPlace software in conjunction with finance to facilitate placement payments. This largely affects the FoS and FoAE  but may be of use to BJBS into the future.

Business intelligence dashboard – has also now been activated to improve the accuracy of the data output for reporting purposes.

Self-placement applications – through InPlace were scheduled for 2030 but have now been pushed back to 2060 while other concurrent work is taken place and to allow the necessary robust testing before implementation.

DLT and DIT – InPlace systems are now a part of the DIT portfolio instead of DLT under the recent DLT restructure. This is not anticipated to create any disruptions for WPL within BJBS.