Sub Dean TOL February update

TOL 202030 Development Period

Welcome to this month’s update. The new year brings with it a new TOL development period, 202030. The subjects scheduled to go through TOL in 202030 are as follows:

  • FIN562
  • FIN572
  • HRM514
  • HRM545
  • HRM563
  • ITC333
  • ITC505
  • ITC514
  • ITC560
  • ITC568
  • ITC573
  • ITC593
  • JST220
  • LAW114
  • LAW213
  • LAW214
  • LAW308
  • LAW314
  • MGI521
  • MGT540
  • MGT583
  • MGT584
  • PPP100
  • STA501

For those who haven’t yet seen the types of enhancements we are achieving in TOL, check out the TOL web page which includes videos of TOL features as well as academic and student perspectives on TOL. This website also contains information about the TOL project, resources and FAQs

School Presentations 2020

Both Jay Cohen and I will be presenting updates on TOL at the February workshops for the School of Computing and Maths and the School of Management and Marketing. We will also be conducting sessions on effective online teaching. If you would like similar presentations delivered to your school, please get in touch with either myself ( or Jay ( so we can make arrangements.

New ASSIST Website Now Live

We now have a new ASSIST web page that provides an overview of the tool, user documentation, as well as short video guides on how to make the most of ASSIST. If you plan on using ASSIST, either as a flexible assessment tool or as a means of monitoring student engagement, please make sure you check out this page, which has all the information you need to incorporate this application into your teaching.