Your Voice: Our Voice

2019: Your You’re The Voice. Celebrating Success and Improvement in our Faculty Administration Teams

The 2019 Your Voice results show that our FOBJBS Faculty Administration Teams have a lot to celebrate, including that we:

  • Value and enjoy working together, showing respect and care for one another (Colleagues and Respect/Equity)
  • Value and appreciate the support of our managers, to ensure our people can work flexibly and with a balanced workload (Supervision, Flexibility and Workload)

Some of the highlights pulled from this year’s survey include:

Following conversations with our teams over the past few weeks, some observations from our Courses, Operations, Subjects, WPL and AOHOS teams about why we have done so well in the people-centred areas of the survey include;

  • ‘Our people are approachable not just internally with our own teams, but outwardly facing to other teams, too’
  • ‘We support each other when we need help. This doesn’t come automatically, it’s a culture that we spent time prioritising early on in our CSM structure, then we nurtured it’
  • ‘We make sure that new people to our teams feel welcomed’
  • ‘We are a group of people that is proactive about communication, we get to know people professionally, but we also want to build a personal connection’
  • ‘We spend LOTS of time together… so we might as well like each other’
  • ‘It’s a really good brain’s trust, where people share ideas, and share values’
  • ‘Our team, and our supervisors, all have ‘the team’ at the heart of what they do’

For me, the Acting Faculty Administration Manager (emphasis on the ‘acting’), the above really highlights what it is that makes these teams an absolute pleasure to lead. They are genuine, generous – and generally just greatly glorious people! I applaud their contributions to FOBJBS, they’ve worked really hard throughout 2019 supporting each other, and supporting our students, Faculty and University. I am so proud that our 2019 Your Voice survey results confirm this. Go, team!