Sub Dean TOL Update

TOL 2019 Statistics

With 2019 coming to a close, it is timely to list some of the big picture statistics relating to the TOL project. The following are some of the highlights for 2019:

  • 55 TOL subjects were developed in 201930 and 201960, with a further 20 scheduled for development in 201990
  • TOL allowed us to achieve greater student engagement metrics through the use of high quality multimedia and interactive learning products
  • We established an Agile-based project management approach for developing and maintaining TOL subjects
  • The design and use of Blackboard templates allowed us to achieve consistency and ease of navigation across TOL subjects
  • We added a formal quality assurance and editing process for all TOL subjects prior to release
  • Promotional resources were developed for various facets of TOL, including a showcase web page
  • The ASSIST tool has so far been used in 60 subjects to give flexible assessment options to students, and to proactively support them at points of disengagement
  • The Six Intake Model provided an additional 81 postgraduate enrolments for the Faculty

On behalf of the TOL team I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and we look forward to working with you again in 2020.

TOL 201990 Development Period Update

We have now commenced sprint 1 of the 201990 development period. The subjects we are currently working on are:

  • FIN564
  • HRM502
  • HRM534
  • LAW116
  • LAW217
  • LAW218
  • MGT549

All of these subjects are currently progressing well. Because of the Christmas shutdown, only 3 sprints will occur in 201990. Sprint 2 will commence on December 16 and Sprint 3 on January 20. In total, there are 20 subjects that will go through TOL development in 201990 across the 3 sprints.

TOL Professional Learning Coordinator

We welcome Alissa Brabhin as our new Professional Learning Coordinator. Alissa has previously worked as a TOL Learning Experience Designer, so she is already well-acquainted with the team! A key part of Alissa’s role will be developing and delivering professional learning resources for TOL end-users. She is currently working on a set of online modules that will be provided to academics before commencing TOL. This resource will give academic staff an overview of the TOL process and core requirements before embarking on subject development. This will help to ensure that all stakeholders are well-informed as they commence their TOL journey, which should further streamline the process.