CRM Project Update

The CRM Project Team have been very busy throughout November – find out more below, or via the CRM Project Page

What’s Been Happening in November?

The CRM Project is currently in Stage 2, Wave 1 of development.

There will be 3 waves of work completed in stage 2.

Wave 1 – Knowledge Management, Case Management and Contact Management

Wave 2 – Case Management – Process Improvement Activities and Portal Engagement

Wave 3 – Event Management, Centralised Communication

What’s the Project Team Up To?

The Product Owners have just finished 47 hours of workshops on high-level discovery for wave 2 and 3. They are also refining remaining requirements for wave 1 and testing any wave 1 functionality developed.

The Business Analysts are working closely with the product owners to capture requirements for the development team.

The Project Leaders are reaching out to stakeholders to engage them with the project and provide detailed updates.

The Project Change Team are developing the change, communications and training plan in line with the University Change Framework and are working to fill this web page with helpful content.

The Development Team are building the wave 1 customisations as specified in our requirements.

The Technical Team are designing and building the underlying technical architecture and required integrations from our existing systems into Microsoft Dynamics.

The Testing Team are testing the functionality of the system as it is being built and designing the User Acceptance Testing that will be conducted in October by our Super Users.

The Project Managers are wrangling each element of the project to keep it running smoothly!

Wave 1 Implementation Overview

Knowledge Management   

  • Staff will be able to create and maintain Knowledge Articles
  • Knowledge Articles will be available to all staff to support them with answering student inquiries
  • Insert these into emails and link students to the information they need
  • Articles will be available as a self-help resource for students through our student portal.

Case Management 

  • Record how student inquiries are raised and resolved
  • Create, resolve and escalate student inquiries
  • Analyse Cases to understand the support our students are requesting and identify how we can improve the support we provide.

Contact Management 

  • Search, view and update student contact records to ensure we have the most-up to date view of our students

Want to Know More?

You can find out more about the project via the webpage, or by contacting the CRM Project Team.