2019: A Year of Cross-Unit Cooperation

2019 was a great year for our Courses, Subjects, Operations, WPL and AOHOS teams to take working together (across our teams, Faculties and, Divisions) to the next level – and our teams did a bang-up job of it, highlighted below in the most creative of ways… via acrostic poetry.

C R O S S – U N I T

…please bear with us, it’s hard to make the first letter work in context sometimes!

C is for Courses Team

Across the three Faculties, our COURSES TEAMS jumped into the 201930 applications processing mania to assist our Admissions Office colleagues in DSA. The contribution of our team was formally recognised by the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) via thank you celebrations held across the Bathurst, Wagga Wagga and Albury campuses… they well and truly earned the cake reward!

R is for Results (Subjects Team)

RESULTS processing has been the name of the game for our Subjects Team, who have been working alongside DSA, Governance, Heads of School and Subject Coordinators (and of course the QUASAR guru Michael Kemp), as they successfully navigated the ins and outs of QUASAR, incorporating new processes for increased cases of misconduct, new templates for Assessment Committees (…and some fairly stressful 201960 end-of-session timelines thrown in for good measure…)

O is for Operations Team

Our OPERATIONS TEAM has not only successfully ‘operationalised’ the new Misconduct Rule introduced in 201930, but they also jumped in and helped the other Faculties and DSS colleagues with the mapping of a process that had not yet been developed. The team, led in a ‘Blaze’ of glory, also took the lead in setting the standards for quality reporting to our governing committees (and in-turn provided guidance to the other Faculties and Governance in best-practice). Oh, they have also received a meagre 1,611 allegations of misconduct since 201930 (and the year isn’t even over yet, they’re still rolling in for 201990). A big shout out to our extended misconduct family – our Academic Misconduct Officers in Port Macquarie, Anthony Wallis and Nicole Russell (and of course Michael Kiernan) have been fantastic to work with in this space, too!

S is for Second Resource (AOHOS)

We successfully expanded our Administrative Officers to Heads of School family this year, with a SECOND RESOURCE for most Schools approved by the Provost. The current AOs have been welcoming (and will be welcoming) their new colleagues. Working with the Deputy Deans and Operations Teams across the three Faculties, they are ensuring the roll-out of these additional resources have been (and are) well supported.

S is for Systems

SYSTEMS, systems, systems! Did you know that the Faculty Administration Teams work across 46 of them (and counting)? Talk about an opportunity to work together! Our teams are currently involved as stakeholders for a minimum of 21 different University initiatives, many of which are system-based initiatives linked to University Strategy – these include some big hitters like the CRM and migration to Confluence projects.

U is for Understanding

UNDERSTANDING a process end-to-end has been a big focus for our teams this year, with some very successful workshops held between teams, and across Faculties and Divisions at our Fusion Conference earlier this year, kicking off a new way of thinking 🙂

N is for (Trying) New Things

Our teams this year have been fabulous at trying NEW ways of working! We’ve been jumping across teams to help each other during peak periods, and we have learnt so much from each other. Some good examples include our Subjects, Courses and AOHOS Teams assisting our Operations Teams in the misconduct space, and our Subjects and Operations team jumping in and learning the AOHOS role.

I is for InPlace (Workplace Learning Team)

INPLACE (our system for managing student placements) received a huge boost this year after the three Workplace Learning Teams – led by FOBJBS – were successful in securing $40,000 to support the implementation of a new reporting and analytics dashboard. We’re excited!

T is for ‘Toward 2020’

As our teams work TOWARD 2020, we are committed to the continued exploration of cross-unit cooperation opportunities, and working together to build a culture of respect across our teams, Faculties and Divisions. Our 2019 Your Voice results tell us that as the FOBJBS Administration Teams has a strength in this area that others are still developing, and we hope that we can use our experiences to positively influence other teams across the University.

From our Faculty Administration Teams – have a wonderful remainder of 2019 and we look forward to working with you all (on a new acrostic poem) in 2020!