CRM Project Update

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be our new Customer Relationship System. The software will be used to manage our relationships with students by capturing any contact (e.g. email, phone, in person, via form) and using this information to provide personalised and accurate support.

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 do?

So many things! The software helps us to build a 360 degree view of our students, with functionality including;

Contact Record Management

System Integration: Our students contact record will be populated with up to date information from other systems used by Charles Sturt, in real time, including Banner, Star Rez, Finance, ACSES, Textbook Database, Credit Pathway Manager, Admissions Workflow and Special Consideration Workflow to name just a few…

Duplicate Detection: Contact records will be checked for duplication. The principle will be to retain one contact record per individual.

Case Management

Enquiries will be captured as ‘cases’ through incoming emails or after being created manually by staff. Student enquiries and requests (forms) will be visible to all CRM users (unless there is a very specific reason limited visibility is required).


Timelines will feature prominently on most pages of Microsoft Dynamics. These will tell the story of our actions and the experience of our students.

Campaign Management

This feature will allow us to send bulk communications to students.

Event Management

Using an integrated system we can communicate about and manage events and workshops from within Dynamics.

Email Templates

Support consistent and time-saving communication through the use of templates and signatures.

Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Articles will be available to all Dynamics 365 users. These will contain helpful information for staff to include in email conversations with students.


Dashboards will provide individual staff, teams and leaders with an overview of activities and pending work

Next steps

In December the Project Team will be ready to share some live showcases of the system and will talk with us about scheduling in training in the new year (likely to be in April).

Want to know more?

You can find out more about the project via the webpage, or by contacting the CRM Project Team.