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TOL Subject Update

We are now in Sprint 4 – the final sprint – of the 201960 development period. The subjects we are currently working on are: ITI581, ITC516, LAW216, LAW217, LAW523, PSY304, and PSY464.

We will also be TOLifying subjects during the 201990 session; however, due to the Christmas break, there will only be 3 sprints in this period rather than 4. The subjects currently scheduled for TOL in 201990 are as follows:

  • FIN564
  • HRM502
  • HRM534
  • ITC106 / ITC558
  • ITC114 / ITC556
  • ITC575
  • LAW113
  • LAW116
  • LAW218
  • ITC516
  • LAW309
  • MGT510
  • MGT540
  • MKT525
  • MKT570
  • PSY111
  • STA501

Subject Set-Ups

In addition to TOLifying subjects, our team is also helping to set-up new offerings of subjects that have been through the TOL process. We do this by cloning the previous i2 version of the subject and making sure that the necessary elements are updated to reflect the new offering (e.g., academic contact details, checking the landing page links, etc.). So if you have a new offering of a subject that has previously been through TOL, one of our team members will be in touch to do this i2 set-up work.

Our TOL Website is Now Live!

Our new TOL website is up and running and can be accessed here. This website will assist academic and professional staff to enhance their knowledge of the TOL project. The website will be a central source for information on TOL, including the latest news, project updates and a frequently asked questions section. Check it out!

TOL Staff Profile: Emmyrose Hobbs, Quality and Editor Specialist

Brief career profile
I have a degree in Communications with a specialisation in professional writing and editing. My experience has been working with small publishing companies editing manuscripts from both fiction and non-fiction categories. Later, I moved into the online education field, working with higher education courses to improve course content from an editorial perspective.

Best part about the job so far
The variety! The Transform Online team is in a very exciting stage and I am thrilled about the challenges associated with producing market-leading subjects. Everyone has been so welcoming and focused when it comes to collaborating to ensure we are delivering the best subjects possible through TOL. I like the problem-solving and when the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Many members of the TOL team are working from different locations and I love how we use technology to assist our collaborative process and constantly connect with different team members.

Experience you bring to this role
Most recently I have held roles working with online education enablers producing quality assurance frameworks that work with their online degree content. I have worked with Queensland University of Technology, University of Western Sydney and Swinburne University to produce editorial and design style guides to suit the needs of their subjects. Particularly I have worked with design teams to integrate content solutions that comply with industry standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Quality Matters Framework for higher education. I hope to draw on this experience in the Quality Assurance and Editorial Specialist role with TOL.

What are some of the benefits that your role will bring to the TOL project.
I believe that all online content needs to have processes in place to ensure consistency and clarity, particularly when it comes to the look and feel of an online experience. Online learning environments are such a rich and varied space, I look forward to contributing to the guidelines around best practice for the vision in TOL subjects.