Sub Dean L&T October update


G’day All

I hope you’ve enjoyed teaching your 201960 students as much as I’ve enjoyed teaching my post-grad auditing students. I’ve also enjoyed getting around to a few more schools recently to talk about identifying contract cheating in assessment tasks – please stay vigilant as you finalise those major assessment tasks. Did you know that 16 October was the 4th International Day Against Contract Cheating, and that we participated for the first time? Further details in next month’s BJBS News.

A few of our projects focused on enhancing the quality of learning experience for our students are just about to step things up. And for those of you flying the flag and teaching in 201990, there is help available so please ask.

HEPPP Retention & Engagement: Engage and Thrive

The HEPPP Student Retention and Engagement team have created a Think Piece titled “Engage and Thrive: Working together for student success”. It’s only 7 minutes long and will provide you with an overview of the project and information about initial progress. Whether or not your subject is in the project, it will provide you with useful background information about the Charles Sturt approach to retention and engagement and its relationship to the broader higher education context. This project will significantly influence our student retention strategy so well worth a look.

QUASAR to be used for 201960 in all schools

As we head towards the end of session a reminder that you must be using the Moderation and Grades form in the Quality and Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) system each time an assessment is moderated. If you missed the training on this back in August, there are refresher sessions this week (for which calendar invites have been sent) and a help page. You can access the system via

Training on the all important Reflection and Planning form, which gives key data to evaluate a subject and allows the creation of action items to inform schools and associated divisions of work that is required, will happen in early November, so watch out for details.

Do you need help for the start of 201990?

Are you new to CSU and not sure what you need to do to get set up? Do you just need a quick refresher on start of session processes? Come along to this short, half-hour workshop where Kellie Smyth will show you how to clone your content over from previous sessions, set up your welcome page so it’s engaging and inviting, and answer any questions you might have about your teaching. The workshop will include lots of resources for you to follow up with. Sessions will run on 17 October (12pm), 22 October (12pm), 23 October (1pm) and 24 October (12pm) in this Adobe Connect room:

For further details, as well as info on other upcoming professional development delivered by the Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) check out their October newsletter.