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The Real Cost of a PhD Scholarship

Scholarship funding for research projects

Are you thinking about including and funding a PhD student in a project application? It is important to ensure the costs for a PhD candidate is costed correctly at the time of the grant application.

There are three main parts to a PhD scholarship – stipend, operating costs and tuition fees.  It is essential that all three parts of the scholarship are considered and that sufficient funds are available to cover the cost of each part of the scholarship (which could be up to 3.5 years full-time equivalent and subject to indexation).

The three parts of the scholarship can be funded from different sources ie funding body, school/faculty, leverage or self-funded.

This table shows indicative costs per year, based on 2019 figures and should be used as a guide:

Domestic per year (2019)
Full-time base RTP stipend rate: $27,596
Operating funds: $2,500 or
$6,300* (Psychology)
Full-time tuition*: $25,600
Relocation allowance: Up to $5,000 (optional)
International per year (2019)
Full-time base RTP stipend
Operating funds: $2,500 or
$6,300* (Psychology)
Full-time tuition*: $29,600
Relocation allowance: Up to $5,000 (optional)
Overseas Student Health
Cover for duration (OHSC)**:
Student only: $2,000-4,000   
Including spouse and
dependants approx: $25,000

*Tuition fees are slightly higher for candidates enrolled in the School of Psychology  
**For international students, the cost of OHSC should also be noted and if not to be funded by the student a funding source identified.

For more information:
Further scholarship information is available on the Research Hub or contact the HDR team in the Research Office –

For BJBS specific information:
Graduate Studies Liaison Officer –
Ramudu Bhanugopan, Sub-Dean Graduate Studies –

If you are seeking Faculty leverage support for part of the costs:
Faculty Research Liaison Officer –
Mark Morrison, Associate Dean Research –

Funding Opportunities

** All applications for external funding must be submitted to the Research Office 10 working days prior to the granting bodies closing date with a completed Notice to Submit (NTS) form including all signatures**

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA): Australia-China Joint Action Program with awards of AUD7,000. Closes 1 November 2019.

QSR International – ECR QSR (NVivo)-IIQM Research Grant up to USD25,000. Closes 23:00 MST on 29 November 2019

Australian Geographic. Society Project sponsorship (up to $10,000 in four categories, science, environment, adventure, community). Closes 30 November 2019. 

Ecological Society of Australia – Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment applications for post-graduate student research support of up to $7500 – Closes 30 November 2019

James N Kirby Foundation – Small Grants up to $15,000. Open 1 November and closes 14 February 2020.

Did you know?

Research in Indonesia

If you are conducting research in Indonesia, penalties are now enforceable if you do not obtain a research permit and research visa. Indonesia has recently passed a new national science and technology law which means that penalties ranging from blacklisting to fines and possible imprisonment are now enforceable.

Further information regarding the research permit application process can be found at