What’s happening in WPL in October?

CSU’s graduate employment outcomes are leading the way

CSU has once again out-performed much larger Universities in the graduate employment stakes. The 2020 Good Universities guide ranked us top with a whopping 86% of our graduates finding full-time work within 4 months of graduation. And what is one of the most important factors? You guessed it, our WPL programs. Read more about it here

Grant money for InPlace

The three faculties have been awarded $40k to build a WPL Analytics Dashboard in InPlace (the management system for student placements). The dashboard will improve our reporting systems and is a very welcome upgrade. Particular credit to our Senior WPLO, Kirrily Welsh for her invaluable input.

HEPPP application

Janelle Wheat, our new PVC Learning and Teaching, and the three WPL Sub Deans have put together an application to secure funding for the development of a Work Readiness Challenge Bank to develop students’ employability capabilities. The concept was originally developed by Carole Hunter and Liz Bracken as a tool to personalise employability skill development across a diverse range of student capabilities. Should the HEPPP funding be secured, a range of academics from schools and divisions across the three faculties will be invited to work on building student challenges.

WPL policy and misconduct

The work generated from the Winchester Report around collapsing the extensive policy library into a much more manageable size has lead to a number of discussions as to how best serve the WPL needs. Some very fruitful conversations with Kai Jensen have been taking place and we are close to finalising the WPL component. Along with this, the misconduct elements of policy will also now make specific references to WPL and a WPL Sub Dean will sit on hearings for misconduct cases involving WPL.

ACEN elections

ACEN will hold its bi-annual elections next week. Two CSU staff members have nominated for the NSW/ACT chapter and we are hoping to continue our representation.