Sub Dean TOL Update

TOL Subject Walkthrough

Check out the following video that I did with MGI511 academic Karen Sleeman. In this presentation we walk through a TOL subject for prospective students. This is a well-developed subject that showcases some of the best elements of TOL. To access the video, click here.

Introducing Videohop

We love to experiment with new technologies in TOL, and I’m pleased to announce that we will be incorporating Videohop into two subjects that will run in 201990. Videohop is a digital indexing tool that generates an automatic table of contents, as well as transcripts of audio and chatlog text, from online meeting recordings. This allows those who cannot attend the live version of an online lecture to access the content they need in a precise and timely fashion. I’ll report on the results of the trial in a later newsletter.

TOL Subject Development

TOL subject development for 201960 is well underway, with the following subjects having been through the sprint-based development process:

  • FIN531
  • FIN562
  • JST123
  • LAW114
  • LAW212
  • PSY204
  • PSY307
  • PSY454
  • PSY467

The subjects below are scheduled to be developed in sprints 3 and 4:

  • FIN560
  • ITI581
  • ITC514
  • ITC516
  • ITC596
  • LAW116
  • LAW216
  • LAW217
  • LAW523
  • MKT501
  • PSY304
  • PSY464

See you next month.