HDR Student News – September 2019


Calling all Charles Sturt Riverina students!

Come along and hear the journey that Meredith West, Founder of Dough Re Mi Cookies and Charles Sturt University alumna, took from CSU Bachelor of Applied Science, Environmental Science student to Cookie Queen and Marketing guru!  Meredith has used her creativity and innovation to create her own amazing cookie empire that stands out from the rest!

This event is FREE to attend and relevant to any student. So, come and join us for lunch. Register here.

Date: Thursday 12 September 2019

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm AEST

Venue: AgriTech Incubator (building 6, car park 11) Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Those that attend this speaker session will be asked to help design a cookie that is symbolic of the world’s constant War on Waste. A winner will be selected and their design will be created by Meredith and revealed at the EMERGE War on Waste Workshop on the 23rd of September!!

Lucky Door Prize: For CSU students who register and attend our Speaker session with Meredith West, there will be a chance to win one of 2 x $100 gift vouchers.

HDR Graduations

The Faculty would like to warmly congratulate the following HDR candidates, who were approved for graduation in August:

Michael Siers, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“Data Science for Class Imbalanced and Cost-Sensitive Data and its Application to Software Defect Prediction”

Fidel Ikundi, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“Mitigating the Security Risks of Run-Time Applications in the Cloud”

Michael Wolff, School of Management and Marketing,
“Generation Y employees and their influence on leadership: Follower-centred research on knowledge workers in a multinational corporation”

Erdem Yilmaz, School of Management and Marketing,
“Balancing Commonality and Differentiation within Product Platform Strategy A Process Framework taking Business Context and Strategy into Account”

Kathryn Evans, School of Management and Marketing,
“Barriers to Women in Senior Leadership in Australian Organisations”

Pushkar Bhatkoti, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Multiclass Deep Learning Framework with Modified k-sparse Autoencoder Classification”

Orooj Raza Khan, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“Investigation of My Health Record (MyHR) Adoption in General Practices of Victoria, Australia”

Joshua Brown, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“Information Theoretic Measures of Transitions to Collective Behaviour”

Jason Howarth, School of Management and Marketing,
“MOOCs as a Pathway to University Study”

Joanne Lawrence-Bourne, School of Psychology,
“Outliving the Self: Perspectives of Men Without Biological Offspring”

D. M. Motiur Rahaman, School of Computing and Mathematics,
“View Synthesis for Free Viewpoint Video Using Temporal Modelling”

Kelly Samson, School of Management and Marketing,
“Human Capital Analytics: Exploring a Contingency Model of Executive Decision Making Effectiveness, Human Resource Capabilities, Organisation Culture and Organisational Performance”

Europe anyone?

Fancy yourself in Heidelberg?

Train at one of EMBL’s six European facilities, go to a conference or take a short course.

EMBL Australia is passionate about supporting young scientists through their training and into a research career. We are sponsoring ten of the best PhD students in Australia to train overseas at the prestigious EMBL through our travel grants. Apply for a travel grant of up to $2,000 here.

With an EMBL Australia travel grant, you could take a short course, attend a conference or work collaboratively alongside some of the world’s best researchers at EMBL’s six facilities: EMBL Heidelberg (Germany), EMBL Hamburg (Germany), EMBL Grenoble (France), EMBL-EBI Hinxton (UK), EMBL Rome (Italy) or EMBL Barcelona (Spain).

EMBL offers activities on a range of topics covering all areas of the life sciences, including next-generation sequencing, genome editing, systems biology, imaging and bioinformatics. For a full list of upcoming events, visit: www.embl.de/training/events.

[*NOTE: There will be separate travel grants opening in June 2020 for students wanting to attend the EMBL PhD Symposium in November 2020.]


To keep up-to-date on future opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter or follow EMBL Australia on Facebook or Twitter. For enquiries, contact student.admin@emblaustralia.org.

The Faculty Library team is here for you

Contact details can be found here for HDR candidates requiring online training sessions or personalised consultations on any of the following:

  • literature searching techniques – how to get targeted, search results for a literature review
  • research profiles – including setting up and linking CRO and ORCiD profiles, Scopus Author ID and Publons (formerly WoS Researcher ID)  where appropriate
  • research impact – looking at the impact of the journal
  • knowing where to publish
  • open access publishing
  • researcher professional database – what it is and how to search for grant funding