Sub Dean TOL Update

Scheduled TOL Development

The 201960 TOL development session has now started. The following subjects are scheduled to be TOLified in this period. I look forward to sharing feedback and examples of these subjects once they go through the TOL process.

  • FIN562
  • ITI581
  • LAW212
  • LAW114
  • JST123
  • LAW216
  • PSY204/ PSY454
  • FIN531
  • ITC514
  • JST536
  • LAW116
  • MKT501
  • FIN560
  • ITC516
  • LAW217
  • LAW523
  • PSY307 / PSY467
  • ITC596
  • MKT211
  • PSY304 / PSY464

TOL Feedback

Please check out the following videos that provide feedback on TOL from both a student and an academic perspective. These videos were also featured in the recent Vice Chancellor’s Update.

The first features student Olivia Masson, who studied a TOL subject in 201930. Olivia’s feedback was unscripted, and she provides a great overview of her experience of engaging with a TOL subject that contained flexible assessment:

Transform Online Learning – A student experience

The next video is from sessional academic Steve Lesser, who worked with our TOL team in 201930 to enhance subject MGT553 Project Management. Steve talks about how he engaged with the TOL process and the final result.

Transform Online Learning – The academic experience

TOL Staff Profile: Kirstin Donaldson, Learning Experience Analyst

This month, our highlighted team member is Kirstin Donaldson, our Learning Experience Analyst. Kirstin is responsible for gathering and analysing data about the subjects and courses that go through TOL, with the aim of informing our design decisions. Kirstin is also involved with the evaluation of TOL subjects to determine the impact of design changes.

Brief career profile

I’ve been an analyst for more years than I care to share!  I started in a marketing agency working across utilities, financial and charitable organisations largely predicting consumer/supporter behaviour. Next came a stint at one of the big 4 banks…enough said.  I spent the last 6 years working with an online education facilitator as a lead analyst, student retention. As part of that role I worked closely with the learning design team to develop dashboards for use in scoping and pre-development because we knew that if the content looked great, students would be more engaged and have a knock on effect to retention.  After 6 years it was time for a change and that’s what brought me to CSU.

Best part about the job so far
The opportunity to immediately make a difference and I’m loving the can-do attitude of the team. 

Experience you bring to this role
My love for all things data, my experience of working specifically with student generated data and my ability to translate that data into meaningful output.  

What are students going to like about what you’re doing in this space?
Indirectly I hope that by using the evidence to inform the learning design this will create a better learning experience for our students. 

What are staff going to like about your role?
The ability to collate and interpret the vast amounts of data generated by our students!  Presenting the evidence in pre-development meetings helps frame what we need to achieve and will help the team to create positive change in the subjects.