Academic Staff Web Profiles

Are you new to FOBJBS, or would you like to update your current staff profile on our webpage?

The Operations Team have a lovely template and they would love to help you!

  1. Contact the Operations Team ( and ask for the template
  2. Complete (tips below)
  3. Return to the Operations Team (
  4. Voila – a beautiful web profile is born (…or amended)!

What will I need?

To complete the form, you will asked to provide your basic contact, qualification and location details. Additionally, you will also be asked to provide:

  • Picture: a profile photo showing your head and shoulders (square, 110 x 110 pixels)
  • Profile: 150 words, written in third-person, outlining major career highlights etc.
  • Teaching: areas of teaching
  • Research: interests and current research projects
  • Other Information: including professional memberships and affiliations etc.
  • Publications: usually, a link to your Charles Sturt University Research Output page (CRO)

It’s super simple… and it’s all in one easy to complete form!