WPL in August

WPL Annual workshop

The second annual workshop was held in Bathurst in July and by all accounts was a great success. A range of WPL related matters were discussed along with guest presentations from Student Safety and Well Being, Misconduct, Disabilities, SPI and Careers.

Introducing Kim Copeland on Student Safety
Dinner with the WPL crew

Did you know?

Campus Review recently discussed the insights from The Voice of Industry Report commissioned by Open Universities Australia in late 2018. Here’s their three biggest – and no surprises there is a strong emphasis on WPL.

Coming up on WPL’s to do list

The remainder of the year will keep WPl on it’s toes as we develop a BJBS WPL risk register, a University wide approach to safety through the development of student and professional modules along with some behind the scenes work on processes. Updates to come.

Behind the scenes – ULTC

The recent ULTC meeting discussed a range of WPL matters. With the governance and operational changes brought about from the Winchester Report, WPLC was disestablished at the beginning of this year. The fallout from this was WPLC had oversight of the WPL policy – and without WPLC the WPL Policy became orphaned. It was decided at ULTC that WPL policy will now sit with the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, John Germov.