Sub Dean TOL Update

TOL Statistics

The 201930 development session has now concluded. Over the four development sprints that occured in this period, the following subjects were TOLified:

  • FIN563
  • HRM550
  • ITC542
  • ITC571
  • JST497
  • LAW114
  • LAW545
  • MGI511
  • MGT537
  • MGT540
  • MGT553
  • PSY204
  • PSY458
  • LAW112
  • MBA504
  • PSY309
  • PSY469

We have already received some great feedback on the improvements made through TOL, including this one from Adjunct Senior Lecturer Martin Hale:

“the Tollified MGI511 PM Fundamentals subject … looks awesome.   What do you think about inviting the entire [student prospect] database to a Webinar where you do an intro to TOL and …. walkthrough of MGI511?” 

TOL Presentations

Transform Online Learning was a Day 1 agenda item at the Vice Chancellor’s Forum in June. A copy of the presentation is available here. This presentation gives a summary of the Six Intake Model (SIM), which is being used in conjunction with TOL subjects. Six intakes were trialed in 2018 with our IT Masters’ partner courses. The use of these six intake points helped us achieve an overall 19% increase in enrollments in selected courses (amounting to 71 additional postgraduate students). Given the success of this pilot, the Faculty has now been given approval to test six intakes in 2020 with more courses that do not involve a partner relationship. Further details to follow in the next newsletter.

Staffing Update

In staffing news, we are pleased to welcome Sharon Arrow (Online Resource Developer) and Emmyrose Hobbs (Quality and Editor Specialist) to the team.