Sub Dean L&T July update

G’day All with a few special editions of late, I’ll make this very brief update an L&T Symposium free zone!

Jazz up those landing pages

Like most of you, I’m still knee deep in 201930 moderation and grade finalisation but well aware that the countdown to 201960 is just about in single digits. As the 201960 i2 sites are now live to students, in accordance with the Faculty’s minimum expectations for subject delivery, you should ensure that your subject site supports the assessment in the published subject outline. This includes any essential subject currency updates but it also means making sure you’re not caught with your pants down when they first visit the site! If you’re like me (not running a TOLified subject and pressed for time) then head to the wiki, not only for some great ideas but also for the steps to implement an informative and engaging landing page. My ACC568 201960 landing page took me 10 minutes to set up using the above picture – as they say in that really annoying insurance ad, ‘simples’!

And whilst you’re in the wiki why not check out some advice (and resources) about getting the most out of your discussion boards?

Contract cheating: the challenge continues

The curse and challenge of contract cheating continues. Just today we were notified by TEQSA of two contract cheating sites that may be targeting our students. The sites are:

The DVC is currently investigating for any targeting of our students and seeking advice from DIT on how we may limit access and systematically scan for contract cheating sites. If you find any evidence of your students being targeted, please email me. Charles Sturt University is also seeking to address this at an industry level by supporting the draft bill – Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (Prohibiting Academic Cheating Services) Bill 2019.

Don’t forget about the resources we’ve developed to have conversations with our students about contract cheating. Once again selected subjects in each school will incorporate these resources into their delivery but feel free to use them, even if you’re not running a selected subject. Thanks to the fantastic Nicole Mitchelle, who lead the development of these resources, you can easily drop them into your subject site – just go to this org site and access the zip file and accompanying video for instructions.

Finally, there’s also a link to a resource for identifying contract cheating in assessment tasks, based on information provided by Cath Ellis.

Professional learning opportunities in July

Once again the Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) are putting on a range of professional development opportunities this month. Many are in support of the Faculty’s minimum expectations for subject delivery guidelines, including workshops on writing criteria and standards. You’ll receive calendar invites to some sessions but for the full list click here.