Sub Dean TOL update


TOL subject update

Sprints 1,2 and 3 of the 201930 development session are now complete. Sprint 4 is underway and will finish on Friday, June 21. The following subjects are being worked on as part of Sprint 4:

  • LAW112
  • MBA504
  • PSY309
  • PSY469

After the completion of Sprint 4, we will have TOLified 22 subjects in 201930. These subjects will be offered to students in 201960. Currently, all subjects completed in the 201930 development period are undergoing editing and quality assurance. They will be visible in their final form within Blackboard no later than Wednesday, 26th June.

ASSIST release 6

The latest version of ASSIST (Release 6) is now available and contains some great new features. These include:

  • A Special Consideration integration feature
  • Access to student statistical profiles
  • A search function
  • A risk rating for students in the context of a specific subject
  • A tagging feature that allows pre-defined or customised descriptions to be applied to each student
  • A communication history of student interactions occurring through ASSIST

Change advisor profile – Michelle Doolan

As part of our regular Staff Profile, I have asked Michelle Doolan, Change Advisor, to summarise the work she does with TOL and across the University more broadly:

I am part of a team of change specialists who are working with managers and leaders across the University to enhance how we support staff impacted by change. We work with a model called ADKAR to help transition staff from current state (how things are today) to the future state (how things will be done in the future).  Currently I am working on the TOL project as well as supporting changes from the Internal Capability focus area from the University Strategy.

The change team have two key areas of focus:

  • Centre of Excellence – to help build our internal capability of managing change successfully  and applying a structured approach to change (i.e. embedding our change management framework); and
  • Strategic change management – delivering change management support in the University’s strategic projects and initiatives, working closely with the project managers and sponsors.

I am passionate about supporting staff as they move through change and I provide strategic advice, development and organisational support, and essential resources to successfully manage change.

On TOL I work with the TOL project team to:

  • Develop a shared view of what the TOL changes are and how to manage them
  • Apply the Charles Sturt University Change Management Framework
  • Assist the Sponsor and Sponsorship Coalition to support and champion the change
  • Apply the ADKAR model as a foundation for helping people move through the change
  • Provide advice, support and coaching on managing resistance
  • Help to mitigate risks, maximise speed of adoption and utilisation, and improve proficiency
  • Develop plans to inform the change approach such as communications, training, coaching, sponsorship and stakeholder engagement plans.

I am very much looking forward to working with the BJBS team on the successful implementation of the TOL project. Find out more about how we manage change at CSU here and if you’d like to contact me I’m on x34455.