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Congratulations to Professor Oliver Burmeister who is now a featured researcher on the Research Hub! The featured researcher card is a revolving spotlight on our researchers which is updated every three months or so.
Head over to the website and check out the write up!

Research editing service

An research editing service, which will be shared with Faculty of Science is now available to Faculty staff.

The Editing Service provides the opportunity to polish and improve the readability of manuscripts targeting high quality journals in order to increase the acceptance rate.

It is important to note that the editors are not domain experts, and this being the case manuscripts submitted should be carefully written and are expected to be academically acceptable for submission to the targeted journal so as to reduce any potential misunderstanding by the editors.

The service can also be used for proofreading and editing grant funding applications.
To be eligible for the service:

  1. The targeted journal must be ranked Q1 or Q2 under the JCR and SJR systems, or A*, A or B for the ABDC system.
  2. Applicants are to notify the Research Editor when the completed paper has been submitted and later provide an update on whether the paper is accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.
  3. The author will update the Charles Sturt University Research Output (CRO) database when a manuscript is accepted.
  4. The manuscript must in an editable format, preferably Microsoft Word. For those who use LaTex, please provide the .tex version or .docx version without formatting.

Forward a completed application form (which can be obtained from Mark) and your draft manuscript to:
Mark Filmer
Research Editor | Faculty of Business, Justice & Behavioural Sciences
Email: | M. 0467 761 680 (for more information)

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