Sub Dean TOL Update

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Sprints 1 and 2 Complete

The number of TOL subjects scheduled for development over 201930 totals 24. Each of these subjects will be developed in intensive 4 week sprints. So far, sprints 1 and 2 have been completed. As a result, the following subjects have been TOLified, with some minor editorial work only remaining:

  • FIN563
  • HRM550
  • ITC542
  • ITC571
  • JST497
  • LAW114
  • LAW545
  • MGI511
  • MGT537
  • MGT540
  • MGT553
  • PSY204
  • PSY458

Sprint 3 Commenced

Sprint 3 of development period 201930 has now commenced. The following subjects are now under active development within this sprint:

  • LAW113
  • LAW515
  • MKT211
  • PSY203
  • PSY304
  • PSY453
  • PSY464

TOL Staff Profile: Linda Pappas, Senior Learning Experience Designer

Brief career profile
I have been a Learning and Development Professional for over 19 years developing and implementing high quality blended learning solutions to engage students. I’ve been responsible for the design, development and implementation of online learning solutions, curriculum development, and facilitation of corporate and professional development training.

I’ve worked in the higher education sector developing blended learning solutions for universities such as RMIT, Queensland University of Technology, Swinburne University and Western Sydney University and also worked on developing learning content for a wide range of corporate clients such as AMP, Optus, iSelect and Monash University.

Best part about the job so far
Working with my team to create new and engaging ways to present content in the online space. Exploring new tools and techniques that can improve the CSU’s students’ online learning experience and their academic success.

Experience you bring to this role
I’m experienced in the design and development of blended learning material and assessment processes, which reflect an understanding of pedagogy principles and audience engagement. I’m an experienced facilitator, with a passion for delivering quality learning outcomes using various delivery strategies, methods and learning principles.

I also bring experience in coaching and supporting the skill development of learning designers and monitoring project performance and supporting delivery across learning content projects.

I have a genuine passion for learning, and understand how to engage and motivate learners, recognising that different learning styles call for different methodologies.

What are students going to like about what you’re doing in this space?
Subjects that are built with the student experience in mind.

The addition of creative, interactive elements that allow them to engage with the learning material, apply their learning and achieve assessment success.

Subjects that use various learning methods and allow students to navigate through the learning successfully, providing ample opportunities for peer to peer learning, feedback and opportunities for practise.

What are staff going to like about your role?
Working collaboratively with the team to identify how to reimagine online learning and find new and innovative ways to build our online subjects and engage our students