Sub Dean L&T May update

BJBS Minimum expectations on subject delivery

As reported in last month BJBS News, the Faculty’s minimum expectations for subject delivery are now live and ready to be used for the 201960 session, which is now just over 10 weeks away! As the name suggests the aim is to provide clear advice to all Faculty staff in relation their teaching; to assist in a consistent approach to student communication, and support effective assessment and moderation regimes consistent with the Higher Education Standards Framework. I ran a series of information sessions last week. If you missed them or would like more information on the minimum expectations, including direct links to supporting resources, go to this page of the wiki. As always if you have questions or concerns, please email me

Professional learning opportunities in May

Once again the Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) are putting on a range of professional development opportunities this month. Many are in support of the Faculty’s minimum expectations for subject delivery guidelines, including workshops on writing assessment tasks and providing effective feedback. You’ll receive calendar invites to some sessions but for the full list click here.

Updates to the subject outline tool

The Subject Outline Tool has recently been upgraded and outlines for 201960 can now be created. Our Faculty Subject Administration team is in the process of loading 201960 Subject Convenor/Coordinator and QA Officer information into the Academic Course and Subject Entry System (ACSES);  if you do not have access to your outline/s please contact our Faculty Subjects Team  

There are five key upgrades in the latest release of the Subject Outline Tool:

  1. The new Subject Outline Help website is live. The Subject Outline template itself also has improved inline Section Help to guide authors through each section of the template.
  2. Quality Assurance Declarations: Hopefully you are aware that the Online Moderation System is being upgraded and a number of Schools are currently piloting the new Quality Assurance and Reflection System (QUASAR). As part of this initiative it was agreed that the Pre-Delivery Moderation questions related to the Subject Outline should be moved into the Outline Tool itself.  Information on this feature can be found on the QA Declarations help page or watch this 2 minute video (the information on QA Declarations begins at 0:38 seconds in this video).
  3. Reconciling the Schedule and Assessment Item Due Dates: There is a great new feature that allows Outline authors and QA Officers to easily view the Schedule and Assessment Summary Table. If you include Assessment Due dates in the Schedule section this will quickly and easily allow you to cross-check that the information in these 2 sections of the outline are consistent. Information on this feature can be found on the Date Reconciliation help page or watch this 26 second video. Remember there is a 201960 word document template also available on the Schedule Templates page of the Help website that contain the week numbers, week commencing dates and key session information to save you collating this information yourself!
  4. Subject Coordinator Phone Information: Academic staff who do not have a landline phone or mobile number can now include their Skype contact information as an alternative. Further information can be found on the Phone help page or you can watch this 43 second video.
  5. Workplace Learning Editable Autotexts: The Sub-Deans Workplace Learning (WPL) from the 3 Faculties have provided new editable auto-texts for all outlines with WPL tags in CASIMS. If you are authoring a WPL outline you will be asked whether you would like to Refresh the section with the new Editable Autotext when you clone from a previous outline. Alternatively, you can use the Autotext Refresh option anytime during the authoring process. See Clone Autotext Refresh Prompt or Autotext Refresh pages on the Help website for more information.

If you need any support whilst authoring or quality assuring a Subject Outline please contact the Division of Learning and Teaching Service Desk via the Service Request System / Hotline (x34274 or 02 69334274) or email The Division of Learning & Teaching has Subject Outline Quality Assurance professional learning sessions scheduled for all Faculties in June (consult the DLT Calendar) however if your School or Discipline would like additional professional development on creating, authoring and quality assuring outlines please contact Deb Murdoch (

Providing prospective students with assessment summary information

Most Australian University websites provide a summary of assessment information to prospective students. The current CSU Handbook provides the subject abstract, learning outcomes and syllabus; but does not include any assessment information. From mid-July, this gap will be addressed by drawing elements of the Assessment Items summary table from the Subject Outline into the Handbook. The assessment summary information will be drawn from the published Subject Outline of the most recent offering with the highest enrolment number. We acknowledge that assessment tasks can vary from session to session, so it will be made very clear to prospective students that this section is a guide only. The screenshot below and online test page illustrates what information will be drawn from the Subject Outline and how it will be displayed in the Handbook.