Sub Dean TOL Update

Sprints 1 and 2, 201930

Hi there! You might recall that from 201930 the TOL team moved to an Agile project management approach for subject development. I am happy to report that our first Agile sprint was completed last week. This sprint lasted 4 weeks and each of our Learning Experience Designers managed the development of one TOL subject during that time. The following subjects were part of this initial sprint:

  • LAW114
  • LAW545
  • MGT537
  • MGT540
  • MGT553

The above subjects are now going through our quality control process, led by our TOL editor. Our Learning Experience designers are now set to commence Sprint 2, which contains the following subjects:

  • FIN563
  • HRM550
  • ITC571
  • JST497
  • MGI511
  • PSY208 / PSY458

TOL Feedback

So far we’ve received some great feedback from academics working on TOL, including the following:

I think the new site will be relevant and appealing to students and the changes have made the subject more fluid/accessible and up-to-date. – Steve Lesser, MGT553

The TOL team has been open to our comments, reviews, and feedback at every step of the process. – Rubina Ahmed, MGT540

Staffing Update

In staffing news, there have been a number of new TOL appointments recently, including Linda Pappas (Senior Learning Experience Designer), Alissa Brabin (Learning Experience Designer) and Kirsten Donaldson (Learning Experience Analyst). We welcome Linda, Alissa and Kirsten to the team and look forward to their contributions.

TOL Staff Profile: Liz Stephens, Learning Experience Designer

This month, our highlighted team member is Liz Stephens, one of our TOL Learning Experience Designers. Liz joined the team in August last year, and has been working closely on subjects within the School of Management and Marketing.

Liz Stephens

Brief career profile

My background as a copywriter led me to work as a content writer, technical writer, instructional designer and educator. Along the way I’ve added editing and online learning design to my ‘backpack’ as well. My undergrad degree is in business (marketing) and I hold postgraduate qualifications in adult education and in editing and publishing. I’ve worked in media, advertising, publishing, mining, engineering, utilities and adult education, and at other universities. Nothing like a bit of variety!

Best part about the job so far

I’m loving learning about new tools and technologies, and soaking up the amazing talents of my colleagues.

Experience you want to bring to this role

I’m lucky enough to have worked on award-winning online learning projects in the past and learned a lot in the process. So I’m hoping to draw on those experiences and bring my teaching, writing and editing skills to the table in the quest for improved learning experiences for our students.

What are students going to like about what you’re doing in this space?

Even simple enhancements in formatting are making content easier to read and understand. In addition, interactive elements make the learning material more engaging, which in turn helps students more easily reach their study and career goals.

What are staff going to like about your role?

Sometimes new ways of doing things can be a bit confronting at first, but when we can work together to achieve real improvements in subject sites, it’s rewarding for everyone involved.