Research grants opportunities

Things to remember…..

If you are considering a request for leverage from the DVC-RDI please consult the Research Office website for information on University leverage support. School leverage is negotiated with your Head of School (HoS) and Faculty leverage is negotiated with the Associate Dean Research (ADR). If a Center is involved in the project leverage should be sought from the Centre Director.

Remember to submit your completed application to, 10 working days prior to the funding body external closing date.
Q: Why do I need to submit only a complete application?
A: The Research Office receives 100’s of emails a week. If you submit a partial application or include Research into your partially completed email correspondence you risk it getting lost in the 100’s of emails. So please…talk to your HoS to discuss your project application and to seek approval then submit your application to so that a Faculty level review can be undertaken and presented to the ADR.

Q: Why do I need to submit my application SO early?
A: The Research Liaison Officer’s (RLO) role in the Research Office is to act as an advisor working in the best interest of the Researcher and the University. An RLO needs to familiarise themselves with each set of application guidelines, read and review each application, check that all administrative information is correct, check the budget which includes the in-kind commitments, cash commitments and any the requested funding amounts and ensure that neither the Researcher nor the University is being put at risk.
This is just the review stage, then there is the data entry stage and approvals stage. The entire process to set up a project in Research Master, review and check an application before it is sent for review by the DVC-RDI can take a minimum of 3-4 hours, that’s at least half a day for ONE project.
The 10 working day submission period is asked of all Researchers so that the RO can manage workload and perform comprehensive due diligence checks on all research applications in addition to undertaking their other tasks. Processing an application that is submitted to the Research Office is only a part of their role.

Aus4innovation Partnership Grant – Vietnam

Grants of between 100,000 to 1,000,000 (AUD) will be awarded on a competitive basis to existing partnerships between Australian and Vietnamese institutions for activities that address emerging challenges or opportunities in Vietnam’s innovation system and can demonstrate a clear pathway for scale or sustainability in Vietnam.

The Innovation Partnership Grantsare a key component of the flagship #Aus4Innovation program, funded by the Australian Government, managed by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), in strategic collaboration with Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

The first round of grants will focus on developing partnerships between organisations in Australia and Vietnam. Project topics are not constrained, but those aligned with the outcomes of other Aus4Innovation work streams will be favourably considered. Topics identified to date by the draft report of Work Stream 1 – Foresighting the Digital Future for Vietnam are described below. These possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Adoption of digital technology into small enterprise
  • Solutions for reducing gender and rural-based digital divides
  • High value goods: quality, individualisation, equality, humanity and provenance
  • Increasing labour productivity, including technology-based skills for men and women fit for Industry 4.0
  • Agriculture 4.0: productivity, export market access, and food provenance
  • Manufacturing 4.0: data, cyber-physical-biological systems, AI, and additive manufacturing
  • Smarter, healthier and safer cities
  • Cyber security and privacy in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Further information including Grant Guideline and FAQs can be found at the following links:
Grant guideline:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Application platform:

Applications can be submitted up until midnight Friday 19 April 2019 AEST.  

Should there be any further questions, or request for clarification on the Guideline or the application process, please send your queries via email directly to:

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Applications for the Gambling Research Program are now open! The Foundation awards research grants for areas of study that will build on our knowledge of how gambling affects the Victorian community, inform the advice we provide to government and the strategies and activities we support to address harm.

For this funding round, researchers are invited to submit proposals under the theme “Understanding and Addressing Gambling Harm”.  

Applications will be accepted for both investigative grants (up to $200,000 over three years) and early career researcher grants (up to $50,000 over 18 months).

For more information about the Foundation’s Grants for Gambling Research Program (Round 10), visit, tender number VRGF 1-19.
Applications close at 2:00 pm AEST on Friday, 17 May 2019.

Collaborate | Innovate | 2019

This year’s CRC Association conference, Collaborate | Innovate | 2019, will be held in Adelaide from 28-30 May at Adelaide Hilton. If you are bidding for a CRC, this conference is not to be missed. It is the premier source of information on CRCs with sessions and workshops on how to bid and establish a CRC.

The conference is also a valuable networking opportunity, connecting attendees to the CRC Community, representatives from the CRC Program, captains of industry and prominent research leaders.

See our full list of speakers here

Session highlight: Industry Growth Centres breakfast
The Industry Growth Centres initiative is a government program led by industry experts designed to provide a launch-pad for innovative projects.
The breakfast is a chance to meet with Growth Centre experts and find out how they can help you transform research into real-world impact.

Register online here

Social Media for Higher Education Forum

The 3rd Social Media for Higher Education Forum will be held in Sydney on 21-23 May. The summit, presented by Akolade will focus on driving engagement and student acquisition through strategic use of social media.

Here are 5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this forum:

  • Develop a foundational social media strategy that will endure the dynamic environment
  • Efficiently analyse social media data to maximise your ROI
  • Create engaging content to maximise student recruitment and engagement
  • Stay competitive by identifying future trends and technologies
  • Achieving considerable results with restrained resources and minimal expenditure

If you haven’t yet registered for the event, reserve your place before the early bird expires

Find a funding opportunity!  

Research Professional is an international online database that you can access! You log on via the CSU Portal and look for your own funding opportunities specific to your search parameters and enable automatic notifications. You can make your search parameters as broad or as narrow as you like….the sky is the limit!
If you need help accessing or setting up your profile in Research Professional, contact either your Faculty Liaison Librarian or Faculty Research Liaison Officer

Did you know….that when the term pre-award is used within the Research Office of CSU it is referring to a research application before it is submitted to the Research Office (but can mean up until it is submitted to the funding body).
For all your pre-award queries regarding the research application process, contact your Faculty Research Liaison Officer (that’s me – Rebecca Penny!)