QUASAR update

The Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) System was piloted during the 201890 session by 5 schools (2 from BJBS). The pilot has been successful. We are currently completing an evaluation and will use the provided feedback to make the system better for the full release in 201960. Software development has been slow so we did not get all features ready for 201890. To make sure these extra features are well tested before the full implementation, we are extending the pilot to 201930 as well. Most schools will use the new system from 201945 or 201960.

Two exciting developments

  1. Pre-delivery has moved: The older Online Moderation System had pre-delivery questions to help us with the QA of subject outlines. The questions had a good purpose, but they were easy to forget as they were not in the subject outline tool. So as part of the move to QUASAR, the pre-delivery questions have been removed. Instead, the subject outline tool will have some QA declarations. The list of declarations is shorter and will help us to focus on the few things really important to check each session. A longer checklist is still useful as a guide (especially for new staff) and so this has been included for easy access in the subject outline tool. Most of us though will just be able to use the QA declarations. These QA declarations are available from 201945 – so you see them next time you create an outline.
  2. Grade distributions will be automatically calculated: Another pain point of the old system was that we had to determine grade distributions ourselves. With QUASAR, these will be done for you! Before grade release, QUASAR will read Grade Centre and determine the grade distribution. It makes the calculation instantly – so change a mark in Grade Centre and then refresh QUASAR and grade distribution is ready! After Grade release, QUASAR will still be able to show what is in Grade Centre. Additionally it will show what has been transferred to Banner (student transcripts), so you can see what has happened after TAs have been resolved. You will also be able to see grades from prior sessions so you can see trends. This will make your life easier!
An example screenshot of grade distribution in QUASAR

The system is live and available from https://teach.csu.edu.au/quasar/subjects. but you won’t be able to see much until you are granted access to a subject.

Dr Michael Kemp QUASAR Lead