Sub Dean TOL Update

201930 TOL Subjects

Welcome. The TOL team has finished the development of over 30 subjects for offer in 201930. The following subjects have undergone the TOL process and are now available to students:

  • HRM502
  • HRM528
  • HRM540
  • ITC506
  • ITC561
  • ITC578
  • ITC595
  • ITC597
  • ITI581
  • JST409
  • LAW519
  • MGT501
  • MGT510
  • MGT547
  • MKT501
  • MTH101
  • MTH105
  • PSY101
  • PSY102
  • PSY201
  • PSY202
  • PSY301
  • PSY305
  • PSY308
  • PSY451
  • PSY452
  • PSY461
  • PSY465
  • PSY468
  • QBM120
  • STA201

Apart from the rich, interactive elements, professionally-shot and edited academic videos, and the inclusion of the flexible assessment tool (ASSIST), all subjects in the list above also have a common look and feel:

ITC595 Information Security

The TOL team is now ready to embark on the next batch of subjects using an Agile sprint-based approach to subject development. These latter subjects will be ready for offer in 201960.


The ASSIST Flexible Assessment Tool is now available in 201930 subjects that are offering flexible assessment options to students. ASSIST will allow students to submit assessments within a window stipulated by the academic. Students may be given the option of several different kinds of flexible submission window:

  • an auto-approved window (green), where a student’s request for a change in assessment date will be automatically approved;
  • a lecturer-approved window (yellow) where the academic must approve the requested change in date;
  • there is also a Special Considerations window (pink) where the normal special consideration process will apply
ASSIST Calendar Showing Flexible Assessment Options

To see what ASSIST looks like from a student perspective, you may consult the following video:

A video on the ASSIST tool from an academic perspective can be seen here: