On-Campus Orientation

Skittles representing people

Thank you!

We wish to thank all those staff who were involved in delivering a successful series of events for our 201930 students.

Campuses had good attendance and participation in welcome and course sessions, as well as students enjoying a nice morning tea, some engaging activities and a shared lunch.

We were bound to experience some issues across the week, but regardless of any obstacles, academic and professional staff alike successfully banded together to welcome our new students and to start their on-campus student experience off so positively – it was so lovely to observe students starting to familiarise themselves with their courses and with each other, this is the reason we are here!

Thank you to Alison Strickland, Dave Cunneen, Gaye Livermore, Lyndal Kentwell and Tracey George from the courses team for taking the reins at each campus. And to Katie Clarke for leading and supporting the team and others in organising the events.

Thank you to the Heads of School, Course Directors and Academic Staff, we saw some amazing and inspiring welcomes and presentations across the course of the week!

Thank you to our colleagues from other teams for all your help, support and collegiality, we appreciate all your efforts.