HEPPP, HEPPP and away

The cross-Faculty 1st-year attrition project, funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP), has just begun. From previous research, we know that of students who have no success in their commencing session, 79% become 1st-year attrition. This project aims to:

  1. develop a process to contact disengaged students and review the enrolment of all students who have not engaged in their studies to an agreed level before the HECS census date.
  2. develop a specialist first-year teaching workforce who:
    a) belong to a community of specialist first-year academics
    b) understand their student cohort by interpreting demographic features and other data about their cohort prior to session commencing (including low SES background)

In 201930 there are 16 BJBS first-year undergraduate subjects involved in the project. The other Faculties are involving many more subjects as they have more undergraduates students and are we excluding any subjects involved in TOL.

Meet Donna

Dr Donna Mathewson Mitchell

Leading the work in BJBS, but working closely with colleagues in the other Faculties in a part-time academic role, is Dr Donna Mathewson Mitchell. Donna has worked in education (at both schools and universities) for over twenty years. As an academic, she has held a number of leadership positions in teacher education, here at CSU from 2007-2014 and at ACU from 2015-2018, including Associate Head of School, Course Coordinator and National Discipline Leader. Donna is a published researcher in the area of teacher practice and has managed a number of collaborative projects connecting teaching, community and research. Most recently Donna returned to CSU in 2018 and has been working with the Learning Design Unit as an Educational Designer while also being a continuing Adjunct in the Faculty of Arts and Education. In her educational design role she has contributed to the Initiatives and Improvements program in the Faculty of Science, while also undertaking design work in the Study Link program. Donna is located on Bathurst campus. Welcome!