Around the Faculty…

As we commence our first session of the year, I would like to thank all of our excellent staff who have assisted with the on-campus orientation sessions. We had reasonable turnouts from new on-campus students:  

·         Port Macquarie: 68 attended of 171 students (48%)

·         Wagga Wagga: 37 attended of 74 students (50%)

·         Bathurst (including Engineering): 86 attended of 170 students (50%)

·         Albury: 23 attended of 49 students (46%)

Student intakes for this session are generally lower than this time last year which is a concern; however, enrolments are still occurring and we will know more when our numbers are finalised. Psychology are the big winners this year with an increase all around. We will certainly have to make sure we encourage continuing students to re-enrol and nurture our newly enrolled cohorts.

Lifesavers teaching students about water safety

Port Macquarie campus is welcoming 79 new international students including over 25 on international exchange from around the world. Importantly we are making sure they are ready to enjoy swimming safely at Australia’s beaches. My big thanks to Phil from CSU Port Macquarie and a member of our local life saving team for the sessions they are conducting for all of our students. Seems they are also having some fun along the way!  

Update on postgraduate textbooks

From this session (201930), the phase out period of the PG Business Textbook project commenced, and PG Business students will no longer receive textbooks, in either hard copy or ebook format.

The continuing students of PG Business courses (2,265 as at census date for 201890) received an email 4 weeks prior to the start of this session outlining that they will need to purchase their textbook from 201930 onwards and that CSU requires their bank details to ensure they receive their contribution payment of $100 for enrolled subjects from 201930 to the end of 2021. 

The PG Business textbook phase-out procedure will be utilised by the Faculty Subjects Team and Division of Finance to ensure enrolled students are paid the contribution payment in a timely manner, two weeks following session census date.  The Faculty and Student Central have been provided with a ‘Question & Answer’ document to assist when receiving enquiries from students.

New governance structure

Many of you may have seen recent calls for representatives on Faculty and University level committees. Thanks to those who have volunteered your time for these. This work is part of the new governance restructure being worked through at the moment. I will share an update when we have this all in place. If you are interested in representing the Faculty there will be more opportunities coming up. These will be promoted at Faculty level.

Our partners in China

Deputy Dean Michael Kiernan and Associate Dean Academic Jenny Kent are this week in China visiting our joint Cooperation partners. The focus of the visit is to hold workshops and deliver training in relation to the prevention and investigation of academic integrity and misconduct as well as train the trainer for our newly developed teaching approaches. Traveling with them is CSU student Wei Lu locally known as William Smith who is promoting CSU for their post graduate study destination of choice!

Jenny Kent Michael KIernan in China