What’s happening in WPL in February?

Meet a host – Gary

Gary Saliba, Teacher, Guide, Mentor. These are just a few words to describe the man that has taken many students at CSU under his wing during their work placements with WPL.

Was the process of placing a student in your organisation easy or difficult?

“The process of placing students was rather easy as there were multiple projects made available to me. I would choose the projects that I thought the student would get the most take away from at the end of their placement and guided them to do their very best. I liked taking care of and spoiling the students that undertook their placements with me, to show them what life could be like for them if they really applied themselves.”

In what areas do you think students should improve upon to be more employable in today’s workforce?

  1. A sense of respect and gratitude for others, especially in a work environment
  2. Have a strong work ethic and complete their tasks in a timely manner
  3. Have a valid interest in the industry or position that they are applying for
  4. Be responsible and accountable for their own actions
  5. Have humility and work hard towards achieving their goals

Do you think that the Workplace Learning Unit is an effective method of training for students?

“Yes, it gives the students a sense of reality, to what the real world is about, what business is about in this case and how they can use that experience to further their studies and deepen their experience. It gets them thinking and learning about themselves in the workforce and figuring out their own way of learning. It also gives them an understanding of whether the course that their studying is relevant to them and gives them a chance to reassess and reflect upon it, to identify new ideas and new areas to explore. I hope that CSU keeps the WPL unit going as it not only adds value to the students, but to his or her degree.”

Article by:   Jonathon Schmidt, Workplace Learning student  (BUS110)


Did you know?

Students are not always keen to do placement! On occasion, a student will tell us before they actually do a placement that they don’t believe it’s either useful or necessary. So, what do they think after completing placement?

The WPL collects a lot of data from every student before and after placement. One of the questions we ask once they’ve completed their placement is would they recommend WPL to other students? It comes as no surprise to us in WPL that students widely report how good the experience was and would recommend it to others. See for yourself!


Coming up – WPL Faculty meeting

The first WPL Faculty meeting is scheduled for March 5. If you have something relevant to WPL you’d like to present, drop me an email on ebracken@csu.edu.au

Behind the scenes – WPLC

We have now been advised under the Winchester report recommendations that WPLC (Work Place Learning Committee) has been disestablished. The University is now considering how best to manage the governance and operational roles of WPL across the schools, faculties, and university. There are a few options being tabled by senior management which will require Senate approval so we may not have answers to this until after March.

February staff profile – Judy

Judy Wong is a WPL officer based in Wagga. Charles Sturt University has been a big part of Judy’s life. She completed a Bachelor of Business Management (full-time on campus) in 1989 and later a Master of Business Administration (part-time distance) in 2004. Judy commenced her career at CSU in 1991 having worked in several administrative roles within various departments including the Office for Research and Graduate Studies, Division of Student Services, Admissions Office, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovations, and the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences. Over the years, she has seen significant changes to CSU, particularly the courses, organisational structures and name of departments.

In May 2017, she joined the small dynamic Workplace Learning team and is appreciating being a Workplace Learning Officer. “I like working in WPL with such a brilliant team of people who genuinely want to support students, host organisations and academics with work placement related matters.”

On the personal front, Judy enjoys walking, photography, music, real estate and community involvements. More importantly, she loves her two gorgeous school age children and husband. If she is not at work, Judy is most likely be enjoying a cup of coffee while watching her son playing on the soccer field or her daughter dancing at the dance studio.