Sub Dean L&T February update

2019 L&T Symposium. Wagga Wagga? Again?

Welcome back. Soon after asking you to save 29-30 August for the 2019 L&T Symposium in Bathurst, we discovered that a major hockey tournament is happening for the entire two weeks of the 201960 mid-session break and accommodation in Bathurst is already booked out! We’ve therefore switched the symposium’s location back to Wagga but the dates (29-30 August) remain unchanged. Wagga accommodation has been block-booked and we’ve secured space on campus (not the same place as last time) to meet. I realise that this will make it hard for those running residential schools in Bathurst to make it, which I am very sorry about, but for the rest of you please mark the date now. There was some talk about the symposium beginning earlier on Thursday morning but given the campus change, we need to stick with the traditional lunchtime to lunchtime format.

A calendar invite will be sent out shortly and further details made available in the coming months. Wagga may not be a winter wonderland by August but hopefully a lot cooler than it is now! In the meantime, there is still an opportunity to provide us with suggestions on the themes, keynote speaker(s) and structure, just click here.

Go easy on the GLOs

As highlighted in my Sub Dean December update, the Subject Outline Tool now gives staff the option to display to students any alignment of assessment tasks with one or more of the CSU Graduate Learning Outcomes.

To date, around 50% of outlines feature at least one GLO but some have been getting a bit carried away. A handful of outlines include all 27 (that’s the 9 GLOs’ x the knowledge, skill, and application components!) and a number of others more than 12. Bruce Stenlake, GLO Manager, reckons that in normal circumstances we would expect to see 3 to 5 GLOs in each subject which will usually allow us to cover all 27 comprehensively across a course. Of course, some subjects do legitimately cover a large number of GLO’s please think about whether you do teach and credibly assess the GLOs you have nominated. If you need any assistance then please email Bruce Stenlake       

In other news…

  • There has been a range of enhancements to the Subject Outline Tool (SOT) for 201930 offerings onwards. One is the requirement to provide a phone number before the outline can be published. This new compliance check is catching up with long-standing policy but if you’re a sessional staff member, without a CSU number, and are understandably not comfortable with providing a personal number then please talk to your Head of School about what number will be provided. Please remember, the DLT Service Request System and Hotline (x34274 or 02 69334274) are the first contacts for support when creating subject outlines. A Quick Start Guide is also available via the SOT Help webpage.
  • Don’t forget the popular DLT one page subject preparation checklist is still available for 201930. You can access it directly or go via the wiki which contains heaps of other useful resources to help you prepare for session.
  • If you’d like to opt out of receiving BJBS PD calendar invites then please email me.

Looking forward to working with you in 2019.