Tell me now if you’d like to …

  • include one or more ALLaN contextualised workshops, strategies, or resources to develop your students’ academic writing, referencing, study, exam preparation, or numeracy skills in your subject in 201930.
  • have an ALLaN drop by your class (online or on-campus) for fifteen minutes to introduce ALLaN support services (this is particularly useful for new students).
  • use BKSB in your subject in 201930 as an early identifier of literacy and/or numeracy skills. I can assign ALLaN Advisers to contact and work with those students who are identified by BKSB as needing to improve their skills so that their performance in your (and every other) subject is optimised. Find out more about BKSB at the BKSB@CSU Interact2 Organisation site.

Debbie Wheeler, ALLaN Faculty Liaison for BJBS: let me know what you need.