201930 Admissions

team work

Between 12 December and 21 December 2018, the Courses Teams across all three Faculties downed-tools to focus on assisting colleagues in the Admissions Office in getting back on top of applications processing. By the 21 December shut-down, Faculty courses teams had processed all:

1. deferral applications for the University
2. alumni applications for the University
3. non-standard applications for the University

This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the generosity and collegiality shown by our Courses Teams, and our Course Directors. Thank you!

From the week beginning 14 January, the Courses Teams across all three Faculties again offered assistance to the Admissions Office, through taking on follow-up of outstanding documentation for all applicants that have been made conditional offers.

We would also like to thank those involved from other areas across the University in making this happen and commend everyone in living our values – inclusive (stronger together) and impactful (putting our students first). Thank you!