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Learn the latest science to be SharkSmart this summer

Impacting government policy has been a collaborative goal between Dr Michael Mehmet and Associate Professor Peter Simmons ever since they first partnered to investigate Kangaroo management strategy in 2015. With support and assistance from the ILWS and the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Michael and Peter examined and analysed the complex nature of community expectations and attitudes in relation to shark policy in NSW (Shark Sentiment Report). The report provided a number of recommendations now adopted by DPI fishers. A representative of the DPI, Dr Allan said 

comprehensive research undertaken as part of the Shark Management Strategy on community attitudes has found that a large majority of people believe swimmers and surfers must always take personal responsibility when entering the ocean and that people would prefer to coexist with sharks

Peter and Michael have continued to shape state government policy by furthering the understanding of community boundaries and preferences in relation to social media and smartphone apps, surveillance, and SMART Drumlines. The report examined the attitudes and awareness levels held by the community and concluded people wanted a pragmatic approach, that did not elevate fear and all practices should be proportional to local risks. More work was needed by the DPI to better increase awareness and understanding of some management practices

Peter and Michael are now shaping policy for the future, with their latest grant project leading towards a NSW survey on shark management preferences for 2020 and beyond.

Professional Development 

Faculty Research Liaison Officer – Rebecca Penny

Happy start to the new year! Kerry Madden has gone on a long deserved 6 month long service leave break and I will be acting in the Faculty Research Liaison Officer role until the 10th June. I have come from the Research Office and have a background in research administration and research finance and have been with CSU since 2009.

Questions about your preparing your research project application or research compact queries? Send me an email via or contact me on Skype. For those on the Wagga Campus, I will soon be located in Building 28. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking to you!

On-demand resource for statistical data analysis using R

Dr John Xie, from The Quantitative Consulting Unit (QCU) has produced a series of on- demand self-learning tutorials for performing statistical data analysis using R. These tutorials can be accessed at anytime on the shared drive S:\Research\Research Office\Research\PD Calendar Resource Files\QCU_RTutorial_2019

Further information can be found on the QCU website or by emailing

Research Professional Development Calendar

The Professional Development calendar is now live on the Research Hub with many of the regular sessions published well ahead of schedule so now you can plan ahead! Sign up now for your sessions in the areas of HDR Induction, Supervisor Series or My Research Career program.