Research/Grant Opportunities

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Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) 

Grant guidelines are now available for the Linkage Program (2018), Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities for funding commencing in 2020. 

The objectives of the Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant opportunity are to:

  • encourage eligible organisations to develop collaborative arrangements with other eligible organisations and/or partner organisations to develop and support research infrastructure;
  • support large-scale national or international cooperative initiatives allowing expensive research infrastructure to be shared and/or accessed;
  • support areas of existing and/or emerging research strength; and
  • support and develop research infrastructure for the broader research community.

ARC web address for the LIEF:

The Research Office also has a summary of ARC funding rounds on its website:

 Australian Fulbright Postgraduates 2019

The next round of scholarships will open on February 4th and close on July 15. This year there is an emphasis on projects that have a tangible impact on the lives of Australians, whether this is through medical research, business or the arts. 

Who can apply? 

  • Students seeking to complete up to two semesters of their Australian postgraduate program in the US;
  • Students students to undertake an American postgraduate program such as a Master’s degree; 
  • Students students undertaking their Australian PhD to conduct research in the US as a visiting student researcher (VSR).

How Do I Apply?

  • Prior to applying, applicants need to read the Eligibility & Conditions section of the Australian Applicants page.
  • Applications must be completed and submitted via the online portal. Applications emailed or posted to the Commission cannot be considered.
  • To discuss your application aspirations with someone in your area, please consider reaching out to one of our Campus Advisers.
  • Please download the Australian Applicant checklist to include with your application.
  • Download 2019-20 Student instructions which outlines how to apply and includes the application link