Sub Dean L&T December update

201930 subject outlines will GLO!

201930 Subject Outlines are now available for creation in the Subject Outline Tool (SOT). Please remember, the DLT Service Request System and Hotline (x34274 or 02 69334274) are the first contacts for support when creating subject outlines. A Quick Start Guide is also available via the SOT Help webpage.

The most significant changes to the SOT is the ability to display to students if assessment tasks align with one or more of the CSU Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO’s). If you are responsible for authoring a Subject Outline for any subject in 2019 please make sure you watch the following 5 minute video about this new feature. The mapping of GLO’s to assessment tasks is NOT compulsory for all subjects; i.e. an outline will pass the compliance check even if it doesn’t have any GLO’s selected. Please consult the relevant Course Director/s if you are unsure about the alignment between assessment tasks in your subject/s and the CSU GLO’s. If you’re on Bathurst campus then there are some final workshops on GLOs and the SOT in the Library 1412.325 on Thursday 6th December at 2 pm and Friday 7th at 10 am.  You can learn more about this workshop on the Workshop Flyer.

There have been a range of other enhancements to the SOT based on your feedback:

  • enhanced help within the tool
  • new fixed auto-text for centrally administered exams
  • capacity to export comments from support authors and QA Officers
  • ability to provide alternative phone numbers in the subject coordinator profile
  • improved email notifications (detailing which sections have been updated)
  • dashboard countdown to publication deadline

i2 outage 3-6 January 2019

No, you’re not reading last month’s post! This is so important for those of you teaching over 201890 that I thought I’d run it again. As per recent notices in What’s New, Interact2 will not be available to staff and students between 3-6 January 2019. Note that this outage is to allow a major systems upgrade, which should eliminate the need for any outages during future upgrades, and will not change the appearance of subject sites. The Faculties were not asked about the timing of the outage before it was locked in with Blackboard.

If you are teaching in 201890 and currently have an assessment item due 3-6 January 2019 please change them! Other workarounds to let your students know about in an i2 announcement (or two!) before Christmas:

  • there’ll be a direct link to EASTS from the ‘sorry i2 is down page’
  • identify what resources you think students might need during the outage, convert them to PDF and make them available via DOMS
  • direct link to your online meeting room
  • as the discussion board will be unavailable send urgent requests via email

If you need help with any of the above please log an SRS ASAP.

In other news…

  • Make sure you save the date for the 2019 L&T Symposium, 29-30 August in Bathurst. If you’ve got suggestions about the theme, keynotes, length, structure then please write them here.
  • Interact1 (Sakai), the predecessor to Interact2 will be decommissioned on December 7, 2018. Any pre-existing subject site will be completely removed with no option for recovery. If you still require content from Interact1 (Sakai), this is your last chance to export this information.
  • Now that the new Subject Outline Tool (SOT) has replaced MSI, all PDF versions of MSI Outlines are stored in DOMS. When accessing a pre-201845 Outline from Interact2, you may be presented with a login to DOMS. Simply use your CSU login/ password to access your Outline.
  • Although we’re winding down for the year there are still some PD sessions happening in December to help you get ready for 201930.
  • Don’t forget the popular DLT one page subject preparation checklist is now available for 201930. You can access it directly or go via the wiki which contains heaps of other useful resources to help you prepare for session.
  • I recently emailed staff at Albury, Bathurst, Wagga, and PMQ to invite them to take part in a learning spaces portal pilot. If you’re interested then please email me.
  • If you’d like to opt out of receiving BJBS PD calendar invites then please email me.

Thank you for all you’ve done in 2018 to serve our students. I hope you all get some sort of break and chance for rest and reflection. Merry Christmas and looking forward to working with you in 2019.