QUASAR update: Pre-delivery is on the move

From 201930, the Online Moderation System (OMS) will be replaced by the Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) System.

QASAR screenshot

When designing the new system, one principle was to make the system easier to use. So we looked at some of the pain points of the old system. One of the biggest pains was the set of pre-delivery questions. Yes, the questions were important; and yes they were useful to guide us what to think of when writing and assuring outlines. However, they were so easy to forget! It was tricky to remember to jump out of the subject outline tool over to OMS. So we are moving the pre-delivery questions into the subject outline tool (SOT).

In the SOT, we will condense the pre-delivery questions into a few key statements that we need to make happen in every outline. We will put these statements right next to where they need to be. So they will just be part of the process, rather than a separate system. We will also have a longer set of questions that you can optionally look at for guidance – really useful for people who are new to subject outlines.

Unfortunately, the template for the subject outline needs to be released a long time before the session starts. So these changes to the subject outline tool will come in from 201945. As part of the 201930 subject outline process there will be no pre-delivery system to fill in. The statements to check and the guidance they provide about content and quality are important though. So we have prepared two checklists for the transition period. They are available here.

  • The first page is useful for everyone and lists the most critical aspects on the subject outline which are important to get right every session.
  • The subsequent pages are useful if you have not worked with subject outlines much (or ever) and provide guidance to the content and quality of outlines.

In this transition period between the OMS and QUASAR, it is also useful to refer back to the old OMS to see the plans you had in place for the subject when preparing 201930 outlines. If you were the convenor before, go to the OMS and view the records from the previous session. If you are a new convenor, then contact your school to get read-only access so that you can view the record.

Dr Michael Kemp
Product Owner | Quality Assurance and Reflection Project (QUASAR)