HDR Candidate news – December

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Congratulations – approved for graduation

The Faculty would like to warmly congratulate the following HDR candidates, who were approved for graduation in November:

  • Joanna Carlisle, School of Management & Marketing, “Organisational predictors of In-role Job Performance of Nurses in the Australian Healthcare sector: A psychometric analysis of Training Effectiveness and the mediating and moderating roles of Work Environment and Organisational Change”
  • Roshan Dhakal, School of Computing  & Mathematics, Well done written on a chalkboard“Measuring the Effectiveness of Information Security Training and Awareness Program Measuring the Effectiveness of Information Security Training and AwarenessProgram”
  • Kyah Hester, School of Psychology, “GlutenAvoidance – Trendy Food Fad, or Insight Into Complex Psycho-Physiological Interactions?”
  • Bernd Schmid, School of Accounting & Finance, “Demographic Banking – The Impact of Demographics on Mortgage Pricing: Evidence from the Bavarian Savings Banks”
  • Toufique Soomro, School of Computing & Mathematics, “Non-Invasive Image Processing and Deep Learning Methods for Retinal Vessels Segmentation for Early Detection of Eye Diseases”
  • Rui Xiao, School of Computing & Mathematics, “Hyperspectral Image Coding Using Spectral Prediction Modelling and Optimal Compression Plane”

Final 2018 HDR Welcome & Induction session – 6 December

Welcome matA reminder that the final HDR Candidate Welcome and Induction session for 2018 is being run on Thursday 6 December 2018. Please visit the Research Professional Development Calendar to register for this session.

These sessions are highly recommended for recently commenced candidates and provide essential information about getting started. Attending an induction session is part of the probationary conditions for candidature.

Update on progress report round dates

Higher Degree by Research candidates are required to complete progress reports on a six monthly basis.

Clipboard with a checklistPreviously these reports were issued in April and October of each year. Owing to a system upgrade the reporting round for the first half of 2018 was issued in early August.

The progress reporting round for the second half of 2018 will open in January 2019. HDR candidates will be required to complete the initial candidate entry by 31 January, with the final completion and submission to the Faculty for review due by 15 March.

From 2019 onwards progress reports rounds will be initiated in January and July of each year.