A summer refresh

Picture of a pier over water

We’ve just missed the chance to spring clean your subject, so how about refreshing it over the summer? If you have a little more time on your hands than usual, you could do yourself and your students a favour by:

  • identifying and addressing typical sources of confusion in assessment instructions and rubrics: the problem might be as simple as poor use of headings to assist navigation and understanding, or clarity might be affected by word choice or sentence structure.
  • modelling effective writing and referencing in your Subject Outline: proofread and edit carefully if you want students to submit work demonstrating professional communication standards (and it will reduce your marking time and frustrations!).
  • documenting current support practices: including literacy workshops, useful resources, and learning strategies in the schedule makes it more likely that students will value and engage with these activities.
  • considering contextualised and timely strategies and resources to improve learner outcomes: workshops, deconstructed model essays or reports, study guides, point-of-need explanations or demonstrations of a language point, recorded mini-tutorials, and instructive (but fun) interactive quizzes can all develop necessary academic skills without detracting from the content of your subject.

I am happy to assist with any or all of the above. Start the conversation today with an email (dwheeler@csu.edu.au) or a phone call (0755294140)!