Sub Dean TOL Update

TOL Subject Update

Welcome everyone to this month’s update.

I am pleased to announce that several TOL subjects are now complete and will be offered to students in the 201890 session. These include LAW516, LAW517, and QBM120.

Together these subjects have a common look and feel and contain custom video content and interactive elements using technologies such as Padlet, Smart Sparrow and H5P. These subjects also offer students flexible assessment options via the Study Planner tool. In addition, they have been designed so that they look great whether viewed on PC, tablet, or mobile phone (see image below).




The TOL team is currently working on another 30 subjects and several of these are nearing completion. I will keep you posted as more subjects come online in the lead-up to the 201930 session.

TOL Marketing

I visited the CSU Contact Centre recently to tell them about the TOL enhancements we are implementing in the Phase 1 courses. A big thanks to Donna Bateup, Fiona Allen and the rest of the team for the warm welcome and strong turnout. The Contact Centre is now in a good position to tell prospective students about some of the key features they are likely to encounter if they choose to enrol in a CSU TOL course from 201930.

TOL Staff Profile: Karissa Taylor, Learning Experience Designer

This month, our highlighted team member is Karissa Taylor, one of our TOL Learning Experience Designers. Karissa joined the team earlier this year, and has been working closely on subjects within the Master of Dispute Resolution course.

Brief career profile
I come from a background in secondary education and spent 16 years teaching Visual Arts. After completing my Masters of Education specialising in Information Technologies, I decided it was time for a change and joined CSU as an Educational Designer for DLT in 2016. Here I worked mainly in Engineering and AGSPS. As someone who enjoys learning, I’m currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Best part about the job so far
Working with the TOL team – a wonderful group of highly professional people and when we have all worked on our particular area, the outcome is really impressive. I’ve also been lucky to work with a great academic who is passionate about her subjects and happy to explore new and different ways of doing things.

Experience you want to bring to this new role
I enjoy working with people and learning from others. I would like to bring my own skills to the team and assist academic staff to make enhancements to their online subjects, but also learn from others along the way.

What are students going to like about what you’re doing in this space?
We are designing to improve engagement and usability so I really hope their CSU learning experience is one they are excited about, enjoy and are happy to tell others about too.

What are staff going to like about your new role?
Some fresh ideas to revitalise their subjects and the support to put it into action.

That’s all for this month’s update – see you all next month.