QUASAR update: a sneak peek at the action item feature

As you have hopefully heard, the Online Moderation System is in the process of being replaced. The new system, QUASAR, is currently being developed so that it can be piloted at the end of the 201890 session. A full rollout will come after that.

The new system aims to give more power to teaching teams. After reflecting on your subject you can create action items to address issues as needed. You will have more time to do this, with the due date moving back to 3 weeks after grade release, at least 6 weeks after teaching finishes. When creating action items there are also opportunities to ask for help. In the screenshot below, there is an action to make a change to the subject outline. Notice that you can ask for workload and request resources from various divisions. Your Head of School might knock you back, but at least you’ll be able to ask!

Throughout the new system we are looking at ways to make it easier to use. For instance, in the “By Whom?” field you will be able to start typing in someone’s name. The list of matching options will appear and you will be able to click from the list. Free text will also be available if you do not know the name yet.

Another feature of the new system is an improved process for action items. For a subject you will be able to view the list of all action items that have been planned for the subject. You will be able to quickly see items that are open (green and red in the screenshot below, depending on whether they’re outstanding or not) and which are closed (grey). This will help for action items to be passed from one session to another and have better continuity in our efforts to increase quality. The display will also help you to receive reminders to complete your plans. Once they are done, a simple click on the ‘close’ button will mark them as closed.

I am looking forward to the new system. I hope this little peek at one feature makes you do so too.

Michael Kemp (Product Owner – QUASAR)