Tips for making your i2 announcements look more professional

Image shows a finger tapping the word 'help'

Are you sick of your draft Interact2 draft announcements appearing as though they’re appropriately formatted, only have the email version look ‘sub-optimal’ once you ‘submit’? Emmett Berry has put together the below. Or if you’d prefer a 4-minute video click here.

1. Fixing font/sizing issues

Formatting issues are often due to the HTML coding behind the Announcement.

Copy your draft Announcement, go to, scroll down the page until you see this screen, and then paste your draft announcement over the draft text already there.


Highlight all text and select your preferred font e.g. ‘Helvetica’. If some text doesn’t change, copy the text into ‘Notepad’ (accessed from your Start menu) and paste back.

Pasting to ‘Notepad’ will take away any HTML coding so if you have links to websites you will need to reinsert the link and redo any subheadings using the editor.


To get your reformatted announcement back to your subject site takes 2 steps. First, copy the source coding. Click View > Source code and highlight all of the information in your announcement.


Second, paste this information into the ‘HTML’ Tab of the Interact2 announcement then click ‘Update’. Your beautifully formatted announcement is now ready to send.


2. Testing your announcement

Before you send to your students you may want to ensure that your announcement does indeed look right in email form. To do that create an Organisation site, which can be used to test and modify an announcement that will only be emailed to you.

Once you are happy with the look of your announcement, copy the updated HTML source code across to your i2 subject site and send!


Next time Emmett will show us how to embed media into emailed announcements.