What’s happening in WPL in October?

Meet a student – Jonathon

“As a first-year student at CSU, I found the workplace learning unit to be a rather interesting one in the sense that in this class I would be learning new and improving upon my current personal and employability skills, then applying them towards my future careers. When I found out that I had to undertake a work placement with this class I became somewhat skittish about choosing the right one for me, something I could see myself enjoying and would likely learn a great deal from, ultimately choosing to undertake my placement with the very team that sources and places the students for their work placements”.

What were my roles whilst on placement?

“During my time with the Workplace Learning Team, I took on the role of a journalist for CSU’s Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Faculty Blog. My main roles were interviewing WPL staff members and other various people involved with the WPL team and then writing them up into articles to be posted on their blog”.

What did I learn and/or improve upon whilst on my placement?

“Through this placement I learned how to properly conduct an interview, come up with and structure my questions and follow-ups to garner suitable amounts of information. This placement has also improved my e-mailing skills as I am generally not accustomed to using it. I can see that this alone will be of great use to me in my future studies and careers as e-mailing is commonplace in the business world. I learned a great deal about the InPlace system they use and how it has made the placing of students quicker and more efficient, providing the staff with all the information they need and making their jobs that much easier to do”.

What were my positive takeaways from my placement?

“This work placement has given me the opportunity of working with many members of the WPL team. Having to keep up a correspondence with them during my placement has increased my network and improved my networking skills. I found that writing the articles was much more fun and somewhat more challenging than I had anticipated, and I was overjoyed upon seeing one of my finished articles posted on the blog for them to read”.

Would I recommend work placement to other students at CSU?

“Yes, I would definitely recommend it. This experience has given me a new outlook on what work placement can offer us while we are at university. Not only does it give us real-world experience in the workforce for those of us that haven’t worked, but it also gives people who have worked or currently have a job a chance at trying something new or even taking on a new position in their current workplace. Not only does it give us the chance of applying the skills we’ve learned in class but learning new ones while we’re on placement and the possibility of obtaining a job at the end of it if the employer/s find our work to their liking”.

My advice to students thinking about taking a work placement

“Take advantage of everything the university has to offer, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone you usually find that it isn’t so bad once you’ve given it a try, if you do take a placement, choose one that genuinely holds an interest in you, a place you can see yourself working in and learning a lot from”.

Did you know?

Our students do their placement in lots of different places. Here’s a Google earth snap shop of just our Australian placements with a break down of metropolitan versus regional placements.


Done and dusted – WPL workshop

The first ever WPL Faculty workshop was held in Bathurst August 21-23. Staff (both professional and academic) travelled from Sydney, Wagga, Orange and Port Macquarie with many of them meeting each other face-to-face for the first time. A wide range of speakers from CSU presented of topics of interest to WPL including disabilities, learning and teaching, careers, CSU global, academic success, the CSU strategy, and TOL just to name a few.

Plenty of activities were included and a big thank you to Deb Clarke for DLT for co-hosting the hands-on work. One of these activities included visualising all the important elements of WPL by building with lego…

The workshop was wrapped up by our Dean, Tracey Green to whom we are very grateful for her ongoing support. All involved felt the workshop was a great success and together we will continue to work to build best practice in WPL in our faculty.

Planning is already for 2019 where we will further expand the workshop to include the Course Directors involved in WPL.

Behind the scenes – Think Pieces 2018 project

The three Sub Deans of WPL have agreed to write a Think Piece for this year’s project run by Phillip Uys. The theme for this year is  Re-assembling our teaching to facilitate quality education across CSU. This theme integrates and explores two key concepts:

  1. reversing the understandable moves to disaggregate teaching, to rather now reassemble these parts into the complex whole that is teaching for learning; and
  2. scaling up and mainstreaming quality education practices and initiatives across CSU.

WPL will be making a contribution by writing around the topic of “Harmonising academic and workplace learning curricula to create powerful,  authentic and responsive learning spaces” and we will share this with you later in the year.


October staff profile – Loren

Loren Edmanson is our Workplace Learning Officer based in Wagga Wagga. Known by her friends and colleagues as Sporty Spice, she has been with CSU since 2012 and with WPL team since 2014. She mainly deals with students as a liaison of sorts, currently overseeing CSU engineering cadets and looks after and maintains the WPL web page and any changes student forms.

What does Loren love about WPL at CSU?

“My first impression of workplace learning, it sounded like it was just doing work experience, but in fact it was quite different. I love dealing with the students, being more of a people person myself, to working with them and being able to facilitate them with information and help them get across the line. I love being able to communicate directly with the students and assisting them with their placements, as well as communicating between the host organisations when placing them. All in all, it is the students that I love most in working for the WPL team”.

Her working philosophy is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Her hobbies and interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Basketball is her first and foremost love, currently refereeing
  • A running enthusiast – runs marathons, 10km stubby runs
  • Family-orientated – loves her children
  • Avid book reader
  • Captain and motivator of the WPL global corporate challenge team
  • Currently coming 2nd in the CSU step challenge

A big thank you to Jonathan for the interview, photo, and article.