UAC White Label Project

CSU is testing the viability of the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) providing a customised application portal, processing, assessment and offer service. UAC is receiving and processing applications on behalf of CSU for selected courses.

Applicants are applying using a CSU branded UAC online application and UAC are completing the assessment of the applications and issuing offers. Offers are then loaded into Banner for acceptance with CSU. Much the same as what we currently do with our school leavers who apply through the UAC centralised system.

UAC is currently open for Session 1, 2019 and as at 20 September we have received:

  • 643 completed applications
  • 328 incomplete applications
  • 184 offers have been made
  • 122 Offers have been accepted
  • 5 declined, 3 deferred and 54 yet to decide

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