Change to textbook provision


Historically, selected Postgraduate business courses have had their prescribed textbooks supplied to students. Following a recent review and consultation (including relevant Partners) by the Faculty Leadership Team, the following changes will apply:

  • 201890 ALL STUDENTS (starting from)
    Where hard copy prescribed textbooks were provided, we will now provide EBooks for all applicable subjects.
  • 201930 CONTINUING STUDENTS (starting from)
    For a phase-out period of three (3) years (2019-21), we will pay the CONTINUING Postgraduate students (within applicable courses) a $100 contribution for their prescribed textbook, per subject enrolment.
    This means no textbooks (hard copy or EBooks) will be provided.
  • 201930 NEW STUDENTS (starting from)
    We will STOP providing prescribed textbooks to NEW Postgraduate students in the applicable courses.

Student Communication

On Monday 3rd September 2018, all applicable continuing Postgraduate students will be sent an email informing them of the above changes. Student Central, the Subject Administration Team, Course Administration Team, Head Of Schools, Course Directors, Subject Coordinators and other relevant staff are already aware of the changes and prepared for student enquiries.

Please note that students are being advised to contact Student Central if they have questions.

If you receive a student enquiry or feedback, the Subject Administration Team will also be able to assist ( or 693 33002 – internal use only).

There will be additional reminders and communications with students closer to the start of 201890 and also prior to the start of 201930.

If you have any further questions about this change please contact Project Officer, Nicole Russell;